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Curel Reviews

Curel Restore & Revive Lotion
Curel always comes thru with a lotion that never feels greasy after you use it. After 2 weeks of using this I really do see a difference and it's not the old eyes going either! The scent is nothing to write home about but it's not offensive so I don't mind it so...

Curel Moisture Lotion Ultra Healing Intensive
I got this because my feet are always dry. I have tried so many lotions and nothing seems to last. This one lasts longer than the others. It makes my hands smoother and smells great.

Curel Foot Therapy Cream
My feet were very dry and starting to crack so I decided to pick this product up! After one use I noticed a difference (my fingers were also dry, cracked and bleeding and it cured this too) Amazing product It is thick and feels a little greasy but it works and is worth it

Curel Hand & cuticle therapy lotion
I used to use Vaseline until I started using this brand and I absolutely love it is on point for price and a generous size. When my hands feel dry I use one pump and it's instant I absolutely love how my skin feels and it doesn't sit on the skin it absorbs into the skin and...

Curel Hand & Cuticle Therapy Cream for Dry, Chapped Hands
J'ai souvent les mains sèches et je fais parfois de l’eczéma. Pour moi, cette crème est plus efficace que n'importe quelle crème spécialement conçue pour l'eczéma. Aussi, elle ne laisse pas les mains collantes et grasses ce qui fait en sorte qu'on peut en appliquer plus...

Curel Itch Defense Lotion
I suffer from extremely bad eczema on my hands. This Cream made my dry very badly cracked sore fingers better with one application. I seriously was amazed with this product was better than any prescription medication Ive been prescribed by my medical doctor, My dermatologist...

Curel Daily Moisture Lotion
A cream that moisturizes my skin well. It leaves my skin soft to the touch. It is worth the try. I noticed that my skin became more beautiful after only 1 use

Curel Original for Dry and Sensitive Skin
This lotion is great. If your skin is dry and itchy, it moisturizes and soothes the skin leaving it soft and curel is a good brand.

Curel Extreme Care Intensive Lotion For Extra Dry Skin
this helps the very dry skin on your feet...it is a but heavy for the hands, but it is great for the feet...keeps callouses away.....very nourishing and better than any peppermint foot lotions out there

Curel anti itch lotion
This lotion is the best every day lotion for relieving dry itchy skin from eczema. I have been using it for years and it relieves my flare ups. Sometimes I still need a cream because my skin is that dry but it works well for every day.

Curel Daily Moisture Fragrance-Free
This is an excellent cream for dry sensitive facial skin. I have been using it for over a week and I honestly see and feel a difference in my skin texture. It is a bit expensive but I think it’s definitely worth paying for.

Curel Advanced Ceramide Therapy Fragrance Free Lotion
I got to say I didn't expect the sample to have such an efect on my face. I love it. I will definitely buy it as I know my face needs it. I reccomend it first to try out a snall amount just in case.

Curel Fragrance Free Moisturizer
my sister and I have been using it four years...great lotion that heals dry skin.......we use it on our hands and it helps us even through the coldest weather conditions

Curél Rough Skin Rescue Smoothing Lotion
This lotion gets rid of flakey body skin and makes your skin so soft. You can purchase it at Walmart too. It's thick but nit sticky. Also gets rid of winter itchies