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Kraft Foods Inc. is an American confectionery, food and beverage conglomerate. It markets many brands in more than 155 countries. Kraft Canada is the #1 packaged goods company in Canada. Almost 99% of Canadians are Kraft consumers, having purchased a Kraft product within the past year. Kraft Canada headquarters are located in Don Mills, Ontario. Strong iconic brands of Kraft Canada include: Cadbury, Crystal Light, Kraft Dinner, and Ritz.

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Kraft Reviews

Kraft Hazelnut Spread with Cocoa
I just tried this today. It is not bad. It tasted a lot better once I started to get used to it. At first it tasted like the inside of a toosie pop than kind of like fudge. I just thought it would be more of a balance between the coco and nut. But all I can taste is the coco...

Kraft Smooth Peanut Butter
We go through a huge tub of this by weekly. Between by hubby and my daughter we never have enough of this. The taste is amazing. It isn't overly sticky like some peanut butters and when it melts on toast isn't gives a nice coating.

Philadelphia Cream Cheese
How cheap!, very low in calcium, the Philadelphia whipped cream provides hardly 2% per 1 teaspon (12 g), that means you need over 3 containers (of this 227 g) to get your full daily needed calcium; STOP DECEIVING CUSTOMERS ABOUT "BEST SOURCE OF CALCIUM" with your highly...

Kraft Jet-Puffed Miniature Marshmallows
I’m allergic to eggs and have to be careful what brands I use jet puffed by kraft are my favorite by far. I can eat them without issue. They’re the perfect topping for the s’mores cake I make!

Kraft Hazelnut Crunchy Spread
I never thought any hazelnut spread could come close to Nutella. I tried the Kraft Hazelnut Spread and I absolutely loved it that I even bought a few bottles from my local No Frills. I really liked the taste and a bottle cost only $6! I liked knowing it was low in saturated fat...

Kraft 3 Cheese Mexicana Mild Shredded Cheese
nothing is good about Kraft company or any of there damn products but my niece and nephew loves all there stuff.. so i would would honestly say.. that the cheap taste fell look and just over all being off this product or any of there products for that matter is honestly a thing...

Kraft 3 cheese Ranch Dressing
Household favorite for the entire family. Not only for salads but I also use it in all my recipes for dips. Delicious, creamy and just makes my recipes more tastier.

Kraft All Natural Peanut Butter with Sea Salt
Fantastic flavor and texture, just a little extra salty for us. We do have a very low sodium diet and don't add any salt to regular food, this could have something to do with it but worth a try

Kraft Natural Peanut Butter with Honey
I love this natural Peanut butter on both my toast and in my shakes. It is delicious and I like that it is a natural product without tons of added sugar.

Kraft Philadelphia Strawberry cream Cheese
Just love it. Love it with my cracker for snack or a quick breakfast on my toasted bagel. You can find it like everywhere too. I recommend this on a toast with thinly sliced strawberry and condensed milk drizzled on top 🤤. A must try

Kraft Extra Creamy Peanut Butter
Great product, but can’t find it anywhere now. The best peanut butter ever. The best part is you don’t have to use as much if you don’t want. It spreads really easy and tastes great!

Minute Rice Ready to Serve
Our family are big on rice, after trying many different types of rice Minute Rice ready to serve was the fastest, best tasting rice our family ALL agreed on. Five Stars!

Kraft- Sweet Onion Dressing
#Kraft Sweet Onion Salad Dressing is delicious. It literally has a sweet, soft onion taste. It tastes good with different kinds of salads: iceberg, romain, kale, tomato, etc. 🥬🍅🥒🥗 #kraftvinaigrette #saladdressing Kraft Sweet Onion Vinaigrette Dressing

Kraft Light Peanut Butter
I have always bought kraft peanut butter. I am thrilled this lighter peanut butter is available. I have purchased other brands over the years, very rarely. I always prefer my Kraft. I could live on it!

Kraft Marble Cheese
fantastic cheese. Marble is my favourite type of cheese for just easy snacks and kraft doesnt disappoint. Very tasty, and melts well. Great for baking and cooking