Eucerin is a dermatological skincare brand. The products specialize in soothing and calming irritated and sensitive skin. Some of the products that ChickAdvisor members have reviewed include Dry Skin Therapy Calming Cream, Dry Skin Therapy Intensive Repair Cream and Redness Relief Soothing Anti-Aging Serum.
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Eucerin Reviews

Eucerin Complete Repair Intensive Lotion 10% Urea
This is not a sexy body lotion but it's just so effective! I really like the texture, which is not too runny and not too thick and the fact that it doesn't have any smell: I really don't want anything mixed with my perfume. It really leaves the skin hydrated and soft for the...

139 reviews
Eucerin Intensive Lip Balm
This stuff is amazing. I love the way it doesnt leave your lips feeling greesey, and it doesn't have any weird tastes. I love the light sheen it gives to my lips when I put it on them. This is forsure one of my fave lip balms of all time!

122 reviews
Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment
This product is great for hands that are extremely dry. In the winter months, my hands will get so dry that they crack and bleed. This product works to heal them and stays on even after washing your hands. Great product!

138 reviews
Eucerin Calming Daily Moisturizing Crème
This moisturizer actually works really well. I have tried it before- during the winter months, and it makes my hands not as dry. It is non greasy- has a different kind of texture. non fragrant, so easy for sensitive skin

121 reviews
Eucerin Repair Hand Cream 5% Urea
The Eucerin Hand creams are wonderful and it a great water base feel, you hands will look and feel great amazing quality worth the money I always have it in my purse

85 reviews
Eucerin Original Crème
I get cracked and dry hands in the cold winters here and this usually works well to relieve the dryness. I usually buy a travel size version and take them with me on planes too.

81 reviews
Eucerin Repair Foot Cream 10% Urea
Every product from this brand it holy grail. I love the way this product repairs my dry feet. It makes them feel so soft and supple. I use this before I go to sleep and honestly I have never been happier with a foot cream.

70 reviews
Eucerin Original Lotion
I bought this lotion when it was new in the market, as it promised to be as good or even better then Aveeno lotion as it helps soothe eczema prone skin. I was highly disappointed with what I paid for. It was much more expensive version of Keri lotion in my opinion! I took it...

80 reviews
Eucerin Daily Protection Moisturing Body Lotion SPF 15
I purchased this one winter when I had a eczema flare up and dry skin from the harsh winter winds. It didn't work as well as other products I had and I wouldn't purchase it again.

67 reviews
Eucerin Complete Repair Moisturizing Lotion 5% Urea
The reason I wouldn't buy this again is due to the sticky feeling this lotion leaves once applied to your skin. Hydration factor is OK but I always feel the need to wash my hands once I've applied the cream to my legs or arms.

67 reviews
Eucerin Calming Itch-Relief Lotion
My 8 year old son and I both suffer from very dry, itchy skin in the winter months. This lotion has been a life saver! I had tried several other brands over the last few years and nothing worked as well as the Eucerin. It's not too thick and I find that it lasts pretty well the...

69 reviews
Eucerin Aquaphor Original Formula
My baby had a bit of dry skin when she was a few months old so I tried a variety of creams and lotions on her. A doctor recommended me to try Eucerin Aquaphor on her so I bought a small tube as it was a bit pricier than other off the shelf "baby" lotions and I didn't want to...

7 reviews
Eucerin body moisturizer
I bought this moisturizer due to severely dry skin. It goes on way to thick and doesn't absorb. This made getting dressed extremely difficult. I was hopeful that it would at least give me some relief however I found that it hadn't done any better than a regular priced...

1 review
Eucerin Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment
When my son was few months old he had eczema, and his doctor recommended this ointment. Totally works! After 3 days my sons skin got better. I definitely recommend it!

3 reviews
Eucerin Eczema Relief
I have very sensitive skin and this lotion did not irritate my skin at all. It is very hydrating and soothes any itchiness. I found it a little on the pricy side but I think it's worth it.

6 reviews

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