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Yoplait offers a wide variety of wholesome and innovative yogurts and dairy products. Its great taste makes Yoplait a leader among yogurt brands. Explore the wide variety of creamy, delivious Yoplait products at yoplait.ca

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@SKZ_STAYYYY We appreciate the feedback and will make sure to pass your comments on to our team.

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@Kemantari The Dunkin Donut flavors were only available for a limited time, but the OUI coffee flavor does contain caffeine. Thanks!

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@suckylate88 ¡Sentimos mucho lo ocurrido! Lamentablemente no te podemos asistir en esta ocasión ya que General Mill… https://t.co/A6meTUGbYN

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Yoplait Reviews

Yoplait Whole Milk Yogurt
This yogurt is thick, creamy, delicious, natural and affordable. Easy to find where I shop. My entire family loves it and I would buy it again for sure. Yummy!!!

Yoplait Gogurt
Yoplait Gogurt

19 reviews

My grandson is a very, VERY, picky eater. So, one day while shopping, he spots the Gogurts. He wanted them, but I was skeptical because I know he's another Mikey lol. However, when we got home and he tried one, he absolutely loved it. He actually ate about 3 in 5 minutes. I...

Yoplait minigo
Yoplait minigo

29 reviews

Mon fils adore les yoplait minigo dans toutes les saveurs. Il doit en manger au moins 1 chaque jour! Je dois faire des réserves quand il vient en spécial à l'épicerie! haha Le yogourt est vraiment onctueux et a bon goût, j'en mets parfois aussi dans mes lunchs!

Yoplait yop smoothy mango and peach
I love mango and peach. This Mango flavoured smoothy is the best one. Excellent blend of mango, peach and yogurt. Tasty and very healthy. Very much refreshing and good for my digestive system. It helps me to be well hydrated on summertime.

Yoplait Paw Patrol Strawberry Cotton Candy Yogurt - Pack of 8
My son loves these yogurts so much and even more now that they come in pouches! Easy clean up for me and easy snack for the kid! Great taste and an added bonus that it's Paw Patrol.

Yoplait smoothie
Love love love the Yoplait smoothies they’re so good! They’re in a bottle so you don’t have to worry about finishing it on the spot. You can take it with you wherever you go which is a huge plus for moms.

yoplait source dessert flavor, multi pkg
I buy Yoplait Source Dessert Flavor ever week, I really enjoy the flavor options. This is perfect when you want something sweet with low calories after the meals.

Oui Yoplait® Vanilla Flavored French Style Yogurt
So yummy! I eat it for breakfast with some granola and it makes my whole day better. And I'm so grateful it doesn't come in a plastic container! I save the jars and we use them for programs at my library - we've made barometers and candles - perfection.

Yoplait Low Fat Yogurt Mousse Cherry Cheesecake
This yogurt is absolutely the best thing in the world for me right now. I am a fan of anything cherry and I could not resist trying out cherry cheesecake. The container is a pretty lilac color and the yogurt mousse is a pretty petal pink. The taste is a light cherry taste and...

Yoplait light yogurt
I love eating yogurt, such a great and healthy snack. It's rich and creamy and comes in so many different flavors. I like that it's light because there's less fat and fewer calories

Yoplait Minions yogurt tubes
Yogurt tubes are one of the best snacks out there for school snacks their healthy and perfect size. My 5 year has 2 day If she can. I love that they also go on sale quite often. The packaging is great as I remove from box and place in fridge drawer and recycle the box takes less...

Oui Yoplait® Blackcherry Flavored French Style Yogurt
This is creamy and delicious! I love the pieces of fruits at the bottom. But what ultimately made me purchase this is the glass jar! I love that it's reusable and looks so nice.

Yoplait Strawberry Rhubarb Yogurt
OMG! I discovered "Summertime in a Bowl" I absolutely love "Yoplait Strawberry Rhubarb Yogurt" It's so refreshing and slightly tart. I'm going to make yogurt pops with it in the Summertime.

Yoplait YOP Peach
I love yogurt, this YOP is Yoplait yogurt but smooth without chunks for an easy efficient successful drinkable container. My toddler loves to have one in the morning with breakfast,her favourite is this Peach kind with real not artificial flavorings. 75cents to buy on Sale...

Yoplait Yop Yogurt Drink - Blueberry
Que dire concernant le Yop au bleuet? Qu il est onctueux, goûteux et délicieux. Il goutte réellement le bleuet. De plus, son contenant est plutôt pratique puisqu il se glisse bien dans un lunch