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Ali de Bold

  Member Since:  August 31, 2006


on July 07, 2011  takoda  28,648 said:

I'm feeling much better now, thanks and you're the one
that's the sweet heart. Trust me you'll be happy you have a few of these
swaddler blankets and your baby will feel so much happier all bundle up
even in the heat. Just as long as they don't get to hot. I don't think
you'll have them out side in the heat for long any how. Just
remember that we're all hear for you if you have any question when the
baby gets here and we'll be happy to give you any help we can. I had
several people ask me about my tank top when I was out today, so don't
be surprised if more members show up soon. Everyone thought it was so
cute and wanted to know where I got it.


on July 07, 2011  GlamGal  2,378 said:

Hi Ali,
Thanks for responding to my thread about working at fashion magazines! You said I could apply for an internship at Chickadvisor or apply or apply to be a contributer. I would really love to do this. How do I apply?
Thank you,
Glam Gal

  Good Writer

on July 06, 2011  Judy37  2,658 said:

Ali, have you sent out the Chickadvisor T's yet? I have no idea what the shipping time is from Canada to the states so I was just wondering. I'm excited to get mine.

on July 06, 2011  takoda  28,648 said:

Ail I did a review for a baby blanket that's a swaddling blanket not to
long ago. If you'd like to look it up it's under the name 100% Organic Cotton Swaddlers 2 pack. If you'd like some and can't find them in Toronto
let me know and I'll send you some to the office. They come with the
instructions and have self-fastener tabs right on them. I loved the
swaddlers that I had years ago and they've only improved them over the

I received my Chick tank top today and I love it!! I was a little
nervous that the small was going to be to small on me, but it fits me
perfectly. I love the it has some give to it and the length is just the
way I like my tops to fit. I hope you have some tank and T's left
because I'd like to order more in a few weeks. Thanks for having them
made up for all of us Ali, I can't wait to show mine off tomorrow. Have a
nice night.

on June 27, 2011  GlamGal  2,378 said:

Just wanted to leave a MAJOR thank you :-) it was awesome to be the featured member of the newsletter! This is a great site and I am so happy I found it. Are there any products coming up in the product review club? :-)
  Thank You

on June 21, 2011  GlamGal  2,378 said:

Chick Advisor is an awesome website!

on June 10, 2011  Siofan  50 said:

Well I didn't want people to think that it wasn't a great place to go at night because I am a shut in ;)

on June 06, 2011  Lotus Flower  309 said:

hey Ali

I'm actually Kenyan..so just know chick advisor is touching all corners of the world. right now I'm just about to leave work to run home and cook for my mum :-)

p.s you look totally cute in that Pic.....so adorable!!

on June 01, 2011  takoda  28,648 said:

Thanks for the up date Ali, that's a wonderful place to donate the money.

Have a nice night, hugs.

on May 31, 2011  takoda  28,648 said:

I worked at a print shop when I was a teen and you wouldn't believe what can go on in some of them when they hire temps.

I'm surprised they even still do it with the amount of money they end up
losing out on. I get why company's do this, everyone has to start
somewhere and if no one gave these people a chance they'd never learn. I
just wish they would keep a closer eye on these people when they do
hire them, for all of our sakes. Lets just hope this new company works
out for you and the new Tee's turn out the way you expect them to.

Do you have any idea how much they might be when they do come in?

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