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on June 23, 2017  wonderwhatif  86,232 said:

@morenyc: Thank you so much! <3 Definitely upload your own it's really fun and if you have Insta you can use it on that too. Unfortunately, I havent been able to go on the forums lately. About a year and a half ago I took some time to start tackling some long term health problems and seeking treatment and it's still ongoing. It leaves me with so little energy that forums kind of fell by the wayside (along with many other things D:).

I miss all you Chicks so much and even though I can still test products (slowly and on my own time), I hope I'll be able to come back to the forum eventually. I still pop on now and again, but not enough to leave regular comments.

I really appreciate you checking in, hope you're doing well!

on June 22, 2017  morencyc  6,232 said:

Wow what a great look you've created with the Maybelline campaign products! Your eyes stand out especially in this picture. I received a different selection of products but this has made me think about posting my own 'after' picture showing all of the products in use.
I haven't noticed you commenting as much on the forums, hope everything is okay and you're just busy! (or I'm not looking in the right threads).

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