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Hey Everyone!!!
I wanted to start this nail & nail polish thread for anyone who is obsessed with nail polish, nail art, ect. Basically anything that has to do with nails. We can share what we currently have on our nails, what colors and brands were loving, not loving, ask questions, and all that fun stuff! lol. 

I'll start by letting you know what color I currently have on. I just painted my nails (well only one hand bc it was late) with Midnight Blue by Sinful Colors. I have to paint the other hand in a little while. It's a really pretty medium to dark shiny blue. In the sunlight it has a bit of a gold tint to it. Im not sue if I wanna add any glitter to them or nail art. 

Im loving Sinful Colors lately and also Glitter!!!!

Okay, now your turn! 

Nov 21, 2011 @ 09:33 am

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Fake Nails

I'm into having longer nails, but can never seem to grow mine, as I'm a nail biter. Worst habbit ever!

My new favourite thing is to buy a case of fake nails (Shoppers drug mart sells a generic brand, 200 nails for $10), which are clear, which leads to allowing me to be very creative!

The great part is you get to paint the nail before glueing it on, so no mess! They typically last a week, and are extremely easy to remove if you decide you want to take them off! So much fun!

Now that I've ordered a stamping kit, I cant wait to create some neat sets!

I recently tried acrylic, and had a bad experience with them, and decided that I will try them again sometime in the future, but am much more satisfied with these inexpensive ones!
Nov 21, 2011 @ 02:19 pm


My nails were a lot like yours are until mamaluv told me about Burt's
Bee's lemon butter cuticle cream. It did wonder for me and now my nails
look great are strong and I can paint them any way, or color I like.
Give it a try, I think I paid $7 something for mine, but I've had it
since Feb and there's still lots left. as for the nail biting, I use to
do a lot of that to, it's hard to stop after you've bin doing it for
awhile, but I managed to, so you can to. When you find your finger in
your mouth try reminding yourself of how nice your nail's are going to
be if you leave them alone. But for sure try the butter cream, I'm sure
you'll love it, my mom and I sure do.

Nov 21, 2011 @ 02:58 pm

Polish Crazy

I love nail art, the stamping kits help to make things easier for sure, I've tried the Sally Hansens nail polish pens as well once because I was trying to do tv show inspired nails and anyway those worked decently. I didnt have too much a problem with them. Im really impatient sometimes but if you take your time and do it neatly and let your nails dry, then stamping and art is great. There's also tons of websites with amazing nail art, which is great for inspiration

I have the 'bite your nails' problem too, I find if I have them painted (and not chipped also) Im less likely to bite/ruin them. Right now I have this awesome purple one from Wet n Wild called "Buffy the Violet Slayer" haha
Nov 23, 2011 @ 01:20 am


I use the nail art pens sometimes too and there not bad, you're right you have to take your time. That's a good tip about having your nails painted and not wanting to bite them as much. Someone else told me that helped them. I'm about to paint my nails right now, but Im torn between Revlon's Fierce and Wet n Wild's Burgundy Frost. Decisions, Decisions lol. I get so indecisive when it comes to picking out a color and what design or art I want to use. lol. I will post pictures after I finish my nails. I would love to see your nails too!!
Nov 23, 2011 @ 08:38 am

Nail <3

Im in love with anything OPI!

I have a bunch of their colours, and have a local store where they are only $5.50 ea canadian!

I also use their cuticle remover, and their hand massage for manicures...they are amazzzing
Nov 23, 2011 @ 03:48 pm

Nails Nails Nails

$5.50 is good for OPI! Im not crazy about OPI.
I like Revlon a lot, I find they dry pretty quickly and i like the scented ones as well
I havent done much with the plates lately, but the last one i used was leopard print with dark pink on light pink. They're nice cause they make things seem petty simple.
I would love to see others nails as well!

I got the pens because I wanted to try out stuff that I wouldnt be able to do with the plates.
This was what I tried first, Doctor Who inspired:
Nov 23, 2011 @ 06:10 pm


this is the last one i did with the plates, i want to use them more often so I can get really good.
pardon me if its a bit messy. im still a bit of a newbie at nail art, but i try!

Nov 23, 2011 @ 06:44 pm


That leopard nail art looks awesome- I love the pink on pink!

And I cannot believe you did that Dr.Who art- that's mind blowing. You did that with pens right? I've never really used the pens before so I will need to give them a try- how did you find their consistency?
Nov 23, 2011 @ 07:59 pm

Nail Polish Addict Here...

This is my kind of topic...I'm a bit of nail polish / nail art addict! lol I'm constantly changing up my nails and always doing something different.
Here's a few of the looks I've done recently:

Water Marbling:

Nebula Nails:

Nude with glitter:

Yellow with hot pink tips (prior to clean up, so a bit messy looking):

Hot pink with rhinestones (the little hand on top is my sisters, I don't have one freakishly small hand compared to the other! lol!)

I also use some of the Sally Hansen Salon Effects packs, I love them so much, they have such fun patterns and are super easy to use. I swear by them and recommend them to everyone!

The next look I'm going to try out the next time I have a bit of time is
comic book nails! They're done the same way as the newspaper nails and
look like so much fun. :)
Nov 23, 2011 @ 08:53 pm

pens and art

@alexjc, thanks! also yes i used the pens for the Doctor Who inspired nails. I definitely recommend using a top coat (though many do anyways) if you use these, I've read that because they are highly water based they evaporate a bit so I didn't even take my chances. As for consistency, in a sense I felt the blue flowed a little better and came out of the pen without me having to press as hard as I did for the red. Maybe try one colour you really like or just a few to get an idea. I also went over the designs twice to get the color and intensity I wanted.

Ive heard of some people complaining about it being runny, or cracking (especially once you put another coat), but I dont remember really having much issue with these. Theres usually mixed reviews on things, so you might just want to try 1 when they're on sale or something to start. I believe Sally hansen or another brand also has similar pens that come in packs of 2, so that might be worth it to try.

I will say, don't try it on a bare nail, I tried this and the blue really stained my nails. Also you might want to try it on paper or such first just to really get it flowing and because you have to initially press down on it to finally get the polish to come out at first.

@nik05 nice water marbling and nebula nails! i've tried them both but not with great results haha. im trying to grow my nails out longer and then im going to attempt it again. any tips?
Nov 23, 2011 @ 09:24 pm

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