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All Black French Mani


Stumbled upon this photo of an All Black French Manicure? Not sure how I feel about it. I'm a really big fan of traditional French mani's; this is a lot more edgy, and definitely rock and roll! Would you rock this look?

Image source: piccsy.com
Mar 22, 2011 @ 06:02 am

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I love the combo of the matte and black, looks really graphic. Not a fan of square tips though.

This would look cool in any colour really, a blush pink would be very subtle and pretty for summer and nice for brides to do something different.
Mar 22, 2011 @ 06:55 am

So fun!

I really like this look; It's edgy but still girly. Great find (I'll probably try and copy it once my nails get a little stronger.)
Mar 22, 2011 @ 07:00 am


I'd love to try that some time!!
Mar 22, 2011 @ 07:04 am

Nail polish brands?

Do you guys know of any brands that do a really matte black like that though? I definitely want to try this look as well!
Mar 22, 2011 @ 07:08 am
Ali de Bold


I'd definitely try this. By a professional of course.
Mar 22, 2011 @ 07:16 am

Here's what I found real quick

This site is listing OPI Black Onyx as a matte colour or Rococo Unsexy black matte.
I'm going to keep my eyes open for it, I'm always on the hunt for new dark shades like blacks, greys, navys and purples.
Mar 22, 2011 @ 07:17 am


I <3 this and am going to take this photo with me for my next mani....
Mar 22, 2011 @ 11:42 am

Top coat?

Does anyone know of a good top coat that dries matte?
With a glossy and matte top coat this look could be done with any shades you already have!
Mar 22, 2011 @ 04:41 pm
Ali de Bold

Matte top coat

I'm not sure if there are any that come in matte. Typically there is always some sheen to them, but someone please correct me if I'm wrong. I think this would look best with the matte polish.
Mar 22, 2011 @ 05:02 pm

Very Unique!

I LOVE IT!! I wouldn't go for black though. Maybe purple or pink!
Mar 24, 2011 @ 06:59 pm

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