Beauty Must Haves.

on Jan 31, 2012 @ 10:18 pm

So Im pretty interested in make up and wear even a little bit almost everyday.
I see a lot of articles around the web with must have lists or products every girl should own.
So here's my question, do YOU have must haves? something or even a few things you swear by, use everyday and/or think every one can and should own?!

Personally theres not one cosmetic product i use everyday, though i do usually use a blush (I havent found THE blush for me yet though).
I do use vitamin E almost everyday, makes your skin soft and moisturized, helps fade scars!

so what are yours?

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My must have... on Feb 14, 2012 @ 10:15 am

Good quality shampoo and conditioner.... I have the bad habit of washing my hair everyday! I feel uncomfortable if I can't wash my hair for more than a day. I have been told it's not good for my hair, but I do it anyway.

oohh... on Feb 14, 2012 @ 11:33 am

I think my one beauty must have is a REALLY GOOD quality foundation. You can go drugstore cheap on everything else and still look good as long as you have a really good base. My current favourites are MakeupForever HD Foundation and Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation

Both serve different purposes. Both are ah-may-zing, but in different ways. When I want to look matte and more 'winter' dryish glowy, I go for my MUFE HD. When I want to look summer tan glowy I go for my Bobbi Brown. They both look GREAT, and NATURAL (assuming I have naturally gorgeous skin lol) but just a different type of great and natural.

If I had to pick just one beauty product that I must have, it's a really good quality foundation. If I was allowed to pick two must have beauty products, the second on my list is a good eyeliner. If face and eyes are done well, everything else falls into place. Of course a good blush never hurt anyone, or eyeshadows, or highlighters, or .... this is why I love being a girl :-)

... on Feb 16, 2012 @ 04:17 pm

Have issues with makeup (ie. way too much!) so there aren't many products that I use consistently everyday, but one product that I will never be without is my trusted eye primer.

I use Urban Decay Primer Potion. It comes in a variety of shades and finishes. I use Eden, which is a matte yellow tone. It evens out skin tone and primes for eyeshadow. I love that is holds all day and makes even lesser quality shadows look amazing.

Mascara and Night Moisturizer. on Feb 16, 2012 @ 04:31 pm

A good mascara that gives volume to pop up your eyes especially in the morning! A good thick night moisturizer s that while I rest, my skin's getting replenished. And most importantly, a cleanser that works for your face. It's the only thing you cannot hide and a good cleanser can keep your skin glowing and radiant even if you don't have any makeup on.

Too Much Stuff! on Feb 16, 2012 @ 10:56 pm

I've got way too much stuff but I can't help it- I just collect, collect, collect! I'm also one of those girls who needs to "put her face" on so to speak! Even if I'm sick and feeling awful, I like to have a little something on- it just makes me feel so much better!

Day to day, for the office, I always need a good concealer and a foundation. Right now I am using Covergirl Natureluxe Silk Foundation and Hard Candy Glamoflauge.

I also always need a good blush and mascara. I'm using Benetint and Stila Self Adjusting Blush now and CoverGirl Lash Blast. I love doing big dramatic eyes but if I have these four things then I am good to go!

For my general skincare routine, I use a cleanser for acne prone skin everyday and about 2-3 times a week, I use a scrub. I also use a toner most days. I just started taking supplements as well, so every morning, I take cod liver oil pills.

For acne, I use tea tree oil and clay masks and also milk of magnesia (seriously- read the article, this stuff is changing the way I view the world). I always like to keep a cream that contains salicylic acid on hand as well.

Anddddd most importantly, I cannot stress this enough- I take off ALL my makeup! This isn't really a beauty must have so much as a life must have but it makes all the difference!

Lots on Feb 18, 2012 @ 12:03 pm

I have a lot of must haves, because I'm also a "put my face on" kind of gal. I love how it looks and makes me feel (side note : I haven't worn any all week and I feel absolutely awful!)

Black eyeliner-right now I use Rimmel, I find it goes on easily
2 black eyeshadows-Hard candy in black hole and then I use L'Oreal infallible eye color in Eternal black(on top)
mascara-right now I use L'oreal voluminous false fiber lashes
Highliting eyeshadow-Maybelline expertwear eyeshdow in vanilla
lipgloss,sometimes lipstick-usually a light pink. I have tons and use a different one everyday
Lypsil-lip smackers
This is everyday, I'm sure it seems like a ton to most of you for an everyday look, let's just say I definityl have a dark/goth-ish style and look.

Tweezers are also a must have to me, they say eyes are the windows to the soul, well I want my frame to look good.
I always clean,tone and moisturize my face.I exfoliate about once or twice a week. A good shampoo is also a must have for my colored hair.
And Alex is right, always take off your makeup at night!

My Must-Haves. on Feb 18, 2012 @ 02:07 pm

For me, I need mascara. I refuse to leave the house without it on. My favourite of all time is the Volume Exact mascara by CoverGirl. Its been my favourite for years. I do love the One by One VolumExpress mascara by Maybelline as well lately though. I'm a chronic mascara junkie. I buy every single new one that comes out, and test it out. I LOVE mascara.

The other thing I cannot go without is my Burt's Bees Original Lip Balm. :)

Laura Crosford
My must have's on Feb 21, 2012 @ 03:53 pm

My must haves would have to be my Burt's bee's lip balm and my smoky eyeshadow. But of course there is always the eyeliner and if I'm going out a must have would be my foundation.

Believe it or not... on May 08, 2012 @ 11:59 am

A clear mascara! I hate the look of raccoon eyes mid-day and sometimes, too much mascara is too much for a day look too! So I use a clear mascara from Maybelline!

It gives me the look I'm looking for... thick, separated lashes, without the harsh colour!

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