Beauty Product You Can't Live Without


If you could only have one beauty product, what would it be?

For me it's a toss up between mascara and blush but if I HAD to choose...I'd say mascara
Jun 01, 2010 @ 02:40 pm

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I feel naked when I leave the house without eyeliner on!
Jun 01, 2010 @ 03:08 pm


I used to be a mascara girl, but lately as I notice the first signs of looking older than my "25" years ;) I am all about foundation.
Jun 01, 2010 @ 03:26 pm


concealer by far, I have dark circles under my eyes and can't leave the house without it!
Jun 01, 2010 @ 04:51 pm


I would also have to say eyeliner. I wish I could say mascara because I love it so much and love how it makes my eyes look but people usually notice when I don't wear eyeliner whereas nobody ever notices when I forget to put mascara on which I rarely forget to apply mascara. I think lipgloss is a close second.
Jun 01, 2010 @ 06:51 pm

Liquid eyeliner

Black liquid eyeliner
Jun 02, 2010 @ 03:25 am

I have thought about this before...

Like, which ONE make up product would you take if you were stranded on a desert island (really, would make up be your only worry at that point? ha ha ha)

I find it hard to pick though, but I agree with Cathy that blush would be the top of my list. Lip gloss is a close second, but I think if I had some lip balm I could live without the gloss (does balm count as make-up?) oh dear... ha ha ha
Jun 02, 2010 @ 08:12 am


I would pick mascara but concealer is a close second!
Jun 02, 2010 @ 11:23 am

all over the map!

I know we're all different, but I'm fascinated by the fact that there is very little overlap. Interesting!
Jun 02, 2010 @ 11:25 am


I would absolutely die if I left the house in the morning without my mascara on! It takes me 10-20 minutes just to style my eyelashes!
Jun 02, 2010 @ 11:29 am

'rain drops'

by Sidlab Haircouture
Oct 02, 2010 @ 12:25 pm

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