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Best hair brushes?

Feisty Redhead

As far as my friends and family are concerned a brush is a brush and anything will do. I've been learning a lot about hair care lately; I'm on a mission to grow very long hair and it requires more "work" than you might think. ;-) Anyway I live on a tight budget so I can't just head to sephora and buy a $50 hair brush - I don't care how great it is, I just can't afford it! I've been using a Conair paddle brush and it's not as gentle on my hair as I'd like. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good quality brush, preferably less than $20?
Aug 31, 2007 @ 10:10 am

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Scents Of Peace

Hair to my butt . . .

Can't remember the name, but it's made by Goody, looks like a paddle and is marketed as a detangler. It cost me about $6.00 at WalMart and it works great on my multi-textured hair I can sit on. My THICK hair has baby fine light colored strands mixed in with horse hair, so it tangles easily and brushing can be a real pain ! My husband has wiry hair down his back also and he loves it too. I originally bought this as a spare, but now use it exclusively.

It looks kinda flimsy, but you'll know this brush when you see it because it looks unusual - the form of the brush and handle are one rigid piece and the teeth protrude from below the paddle, but flex. This is great if you've ever gotten your hair caught in the brush and pulled it apart from itself while brushing. Maybe it's just my special talent . . . Greg's is yanking until something breaks free; I've noticed he doesn't have to with this brush.

Oh, if you get a different kind, don't get one with those new "gelly" handles if you have long hair. Mine would wrap and stick to it . . . ouch !

Hope that helps and good luck with growing ! I can offer more advice if you need - I grew mine out to this length in less than 5 years. Same for hubby . . .
Sep 09, 2007 @ 04:17 pm
Feisty Redhead

thank you!

I've actually grown to prefer the comb I bought, and haven't bothered with buying a new brush. My hair is much happier now!

I've changed my routine a lot in the past couple of weeks and my hair has changed so much, for the better. I love it! It's grown about an inch and a half in just under four weeks... but it doesn't really look longer because it's also developed some great "wurls" - more wavy than waves but not curly enough to be curls. lol Hopefully by the time my hair's fully adjusted to the new better care it'll be nice and curly. :D

Oh any tips or advice for getting my hair to grow faster would be much appreciated... I'm terribly impatient! lol I've been doing daily scalp massages to help stimulate growth. But I'm sure there must be something else I can do to help speed up the process a bit. :D
Sep 24, 2007 @ 02:49 pm

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