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Best Moisturizer for Really Dry Skin?


I'm looking for the best moisturizer for dry skin! 

If you have dry skin, you'll know that sometimes moisturizers can sting because they contain alcohol (which can also make the dryness worse).

For me, the dryness is around my nose, mouth, and sometimes eyelids/eyebrows. It usually is very flaky, and without moisturizer can get itchy and sore. Currently I use Pond's moisturizer, but in the past have used St. Ives, Nivea, and Vichy. 

I'm curious to see if anyone else experiences this and what products you use! Any other tips/tricks are welcome too!
Apr 04, 2017 @ 03:39 pm

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I'm a lover of oils so lately I have been using a serum, a Moisturizing cream and then lightly patting argan oil on top. My skin looks brighter, I don't have any breakouts and my skin doesn't dry out.
Apr 04, 2017 @ 04:29 pm


I've had this problem and I switched my regular facial cleanser to a cleansing oil..then wash my face with a a facial soap with tea tree oil. Oh my it makes a difference. My skin is soft and smooth after washing.
Anyway, i have had this issues too and my skin was dry around my mouth and eyes and nose. I exfoliate 2x a week because I wear makeup almost everyday. I have been using yhe Vasabti efoliator from the CA Premium Bag. Then some days I use the Drops of youth Peel from the Body Shop. It's amazing.. and gross at the same time. Lol
After exfoliating, i apply serum and then I apply moisturizer. Some nights, I skip moisturizer and apply Sleeping mask. You can get them from Sephora.
I apply masks to twice a week. I use younique Detoxifying mask and I also use various sheet masks. Sheet masks are amazing!!
Apr 04, 2017 @ 05:36 pm


If you have dry skin, you might want to add a hydrating toner prior to your moisturizer to your skincare routine if you have not already done so. As for moisturizer, you might want to look at ingredients such a ceramidin to keep your moisture level balanced in your skin. Dr Jart carry a line of it and it really helped me for my dryness when I had a skin allergy reaction a few years ago. You can sample out in Sephora before committing to a full size product as well. Another brand I recommend would be belif as my friend who shares the same skin type swears by its moisturizer. You can find it in your local The Face Shop stores across the country.
Apr 04, 2017 @ 05:50 pm


Have you tried natural coconut oil? It is fantastic for your skin, and very hydrating. I use it under my eyes everyday and it does not cause me to break out.
I also use Nivea Q10 night cream, it is super thick and helped me survive the winter.
Apr 04, 2017 @ 06:56 pm


I agree that using coconut oil and Argan oil is great for the skin, they seem to have fixed any skin problems I've had including dry skin.
Apr 04, 2017 @ 08:00 pm


Palmers Cocoa Butter Serum, is a great product for dry skin. I use it every morning through the Winter months...great price too!
Apr 04, 2017 @ 08:09 pm


Cetaphil worked really good for my son.
Apr 04, 2017 @ 09:19 pm


I swear by the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. I have super sensitive skin as well as dry skin prone to dermatitis and eczema. This stuff is fragrance-free, full of really good quality ingredients, and can be used head to toe. It's also cruelty-free and really affordable :)
Apr 13, 2017 @ 04:16 pm

Moisturizer for dry skin

I have the same skin issues as you do- dryness around mouth, and nose. My skin is sensitive, but I find that Aveeno daily moisturizer (fragrance free) works very well for me. My skin stays soft the whole day and it doesn't make me itchy.
Apr 16, 2017 @ 02:37 pm

On Apr 16,2017 @3:53 pm

my whole face feels so dry I apply lotions and creams on my face all threw out the day I think maybe buying an oil product might work better I need to purchase a product that contains oil in it
Apr 16, 2017 @ 03:57 pm

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