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has any1 found that bio oil really does fade stretch marks or is it just gud for dehydrated skin?iv been using it for a while and my skin just feels really healthy,but dsnt luk much diff (stretch mark wise)
Nov 24, 2007 @ 05:12 pm

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Feisty Redhead

don't know

I don't know about bio oil... but cocoa butter is supposed to be great for fading stretch marks. When I was using straight shea butter on a daily basis I noticed after a few weeks stretch marks were fading. As far as I know nothing will make them completely go away though. But based on my experience I'd suggest shea butter.
Nov 25, 2007 @ 11:09 am

Stretch marks

We covered this topic in the ChickLit blog a while back (see http://blog.chickadvisor.com/2007/01/avoiding-stretch-marks.html). The severity of stretch marks is determined by a few factors, including the amount of weight gained within short periods of time and most importantly genetic factors. Your skin's collagen concentration will dictate if you are prone to them or not and this is inherited. Wondering if you will get them? Ask your mother/grandmother if they have them. If you have the family history, the best way to avoid them is to control your weight gain during pregnancy or otherwise and then minimize the appearance after the fact.

To minimize existing marks, the best bet is to moisturize with cocoa butter. There are a multitude of expensive creams on the market but with varying degrees of effectiveness. Slathering your belly daily with oils (e.g. vitamin E oils or baby oil) will make your skin more supple (possibly stretchier but only to a limited degree) and ease the itchiness, but will not avoid marks altogether if you are gaining weight too quickly - that is a myth. Having said that, you should always stay within your doctor's guidelines for targeted weight gain; an immaculate belly is not worth risking your health or baby's.

Take heart, though. Many creams (incl. cocoa butter) will help your lines fade faster than if you don't treat them. They'll turn silvery and less noticeable. If you want them gone, you will probably have to see a plastic surgeon or dermatologist about that for other methods.

I'm assuming here that you are asking about preggie-related stretch marks, but the argument still holds true if yours come from other sources...
Nov 25, 2007 @ 01:37 pm
Scents Of Peace

Ingredients ???

Hello Reeshie !!!!

Off topic : Welcome to Chick Advisor and thanks for the post in my guestbook - I didn't forget you, I've just been in the middle of teaching an aromatherapy course ;-) Oh and one of my students is from South Africa also, but I'm not sure what part (I'll ask).

About the Bio oil :
If you know what's in it, I may be able to translate for you and tell you what the key ingredients are - and why.

However, if it works - use it !

Mamaluv gave great advice (even if I have issues with baby oil because it's a petroleum based product) and it's true when it comes to genetics. Prevention is key, but it is manageable if you already have them ;-)

I'll try to be in touch directly to answer your other questions you posted in my guestbook . . .
Nov 27, 2007 @ 12:49 am


thanks a million scents of peace!i really did think u 4got about me hehehe n thanks for the warm welcome!it says (on the bottle)that it contains the "breakthrough ingredient" which is PurCellin Oil...mmmm?i'l research more about the ingredients and i'l get back to u.thanks again!x x x
Nov 27, 2007 @ 05:37 am

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