Cheap Pedicure Places in Toronto

on Jun 20, 2008 @ 12:03 pm

I'm looking for a place to get a pedicure done at a good price, hopefully under $30. I always see those kinda sketchy salons on College and Yonge but I don't know if they're good. Cozy Nails has pedictures for $28 but it's a bit far from me since I live DT. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Ali de Bold
Depends what you are looking for on Jun 20, 2008 @ 12:35 pm

If the bottom line is get a good pedicure for cheap and you don't care so much about ambiance or if the staff speaks English, I recommend Lakeview Towers at Queens Quay and Spadina:

What I like about that place is the cheap price ($25 for a pedicure), the fact that it is very clean and sanitary and unlike most nail places of it's caliber, it does not stink. The massager chairs are great too. I have been to many of these kinds of shop that are way below the quality and cleanliness of this place.

They don't speak English and the staff is not overly friendly/chatty. However, I found out from one of the girls there they work 10 hour days so you can't really blame them.

If however you are looking for a nicer ambiance and a cutely decorated salon, be prepared to pay more. 10Spot, is adorable, Tips Nail Bar on the Danforth does a great job and there are a number of other great spots. Unfortunately then you are looking at pedicures upwards of $40.

Reviews on Jun 21, 2008 @ 12:33 am

I was reading the reviews for what you mentioned misschickie and although you gave it a good review the other people did not. What do you think about their reviews? I don't mind not chattiing and stuff but I don't want my toes to be sliced and stuff.

Ali de Bold
the responses to my review on Jun 21, 2008 @ 05:35 pm

Thanks for asking TigerLilly, good question!

I have been going to that place pretty much since they opened and at least once a month. I have had all of the staff at least once and have never been cut. However I NEVER let anyone use the razor on me. It doesn't matter if I'm at a high end spa or this place. I have been cut in the past at a place in Brampton so I learned my lesson years ago. I always tell them to use the heel buff instead. It's more work but it's better . Even if you don't get cut, the razor causes your skin to grow back thicker and rougher so it's just not worth it.

As far as what others have said, it seems the big complaint is the razor. That is easily avoided by telling them not to use it. As far as the owner being brisk, yes she is indeed. It's not so much rude as to the point. Her English is limited as well. She typically only does gel fills and waxing, not so much regular manicures and pedicures. I've had waxes from her before and she does a good job and it is cheap.

I think for what you pay it's great. I don't have high expectations from a $15 manicure and a $25 pedicure. What I expect for those prices is clean, quick and a good job. I don't expect a spa experience or for the staff to pay any particular attention to me. My expectations go up with the price. If I'm paying $50 for a pedicure, I expect a nice ambiance, a cup of tea, nice spa products that smell delicious and an excellent pedicure. If I'm going for basic maintenance, I get the $25 pedicure and I have much lower expectations.

I have also been to a lot of these cheapie nail places and this is the best I've encountered. It is the cleanest, the brightest, it doesn't stink and the location is really convenient for me.

Hope that helps!

Spring Nails - great place for a pedicure- Bloor just east of Christie Station on Apr 13, 2010 @ 02:58 pm

it's not at college and yonge but Spring Nails and Spa is really good. they're fairly new so all their stuff is new- great massage chairs etc.

The owners are really awesome - a couple- they run it themselves. they keep cards there for you and after every 5 or 10 services they give you one free (I forget exactly the number). they also do eyebrows, waxing etc.

they take walk ins or you can call for an appointment at 416-821-4458.

They're on Bloor st in korea town- just East of Christie Station, a few blocks West of Bathurst.

good luck!

D Lish
The best place to find Toronto manicure deals on Apr 19, 2010 @ 05:21 pm

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as I write this thay have 85 manicures in Toronto, most at a discount. I also get there newsletter, some times they send out 15% off discount codes on top of the savings. If your looking for spa services in other cities as well, you'll find them there.

Ali de Bold
Reviews on Pedicures, Manicures and Nail Salons on Oct 16, 2010 @ 09:23 am

If you're looking for a nail salon in Toronto read the reviews here:

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