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I have super thick, wavy, coarse, very dry and damaged hair from coloring. I recently started co-washing. Before this I would only wash my hair once or maybe twice a week if I had product buildup. So far it's going well. My hair is definitely softer. Much, much softer.
Do any of you ladies co-wash? And if you do, what products do you use and do you switch it up with a clarifying shampoo every now and then? I know a lot of people choose WEN for co-washing but that's wayyyyyyyyyyy out of my price range. There are cleansing conditioners on the market so I'm curious to know which ones you would recommend.

PS - For those of you who do not know what co-washing is, it stands for conditioner only washing or conditioner washing. It's when you use either a plain or cleansing (little or no foam) conditioner to wash your hair. You do not use shampoo at all or you occasionally add a clarifying conditioner every so often to remove product buildup. It's supposed to be amazing for those with curls and / or thick, coarse hair or just if you have dull, dry or damaged hair and need a lot of moisture. I read about it quite a bit before I tried it and I'm so glad I did. As I said, my hair is sooooo soft and feels bouncier and full of volume.

I'd just like to know if any of you do it and what products work for you.

Thanks girls xo
May 30, 2016 @ 01:38 pm

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Try Moroccan Oil and avocado hair masks too. They work to soften and nourish hair.
May 30, 2016 @ 05:40 pm


I read the title and thought it was showering with your spouse!

I do that, but I don't use just conditioner - I have thin long hair, so it needs the suds.

May 31, 2016 @ 11:50 am


I use As I Am Coconut Cowash.......amazing! Product! I have very dry colour treated hair, I alternate with a sulphate free shampoo and the Cowash every few weeks. I used Wen for a while....wayyyy tooooo pricey!
May 31, 2016 @ 12:08 pm


Lmao! I can see how the title is deceiving haha! On that note, my husband is too big to share a bathe or shower with. In the tub I'm squished up like a pretzel and in the shower only one of gets the spray and the other freezes.
However, back to conditioner only washing lol
Thanks for your reply @winslow. I am really interested in products that are workingfor others since I'm so new to this. I've been using oil based conditioners. A coconut oil brand from winner's and L'Oréal (I think it's L'Oréal) oilology brand. Last time I used the mask after conditioning and my hair was even more soft! So amazing . I am absolutely loving it. I've read up on it quite a bit and it seems to be good for every hair type. Even thin. I guess it's al in the product you choose that works for your hair type. It's supposed to be excellent for the scalp and you can give a bit of lift with some dry shampoo if you find you have a bit of oil near the roots.
The newest tresseme line is somewhat following this concept. Their new products are conditioner first followed by shampoo. So sort of same concept but keeping the shampoo. I'm happy cutting oout the shampoo altogether though. My hair is parched and this method of cowashing is saving my hair. After juat a few uses my split ends are hardly noticeable and so much improved in texture. I really recommend everyone gives it a try at least once. You might be very pleasantly surprised.
May 31, 2016 @ 02:23 pm


I haven't tried the co-wash method, but I'll certainly look into it. I've researched the no-shampoo method in the past and have implemented some elements into my hair washing routine, but I can't bring myself to never shampoo at all. My hair just gets too oily after a few days. I do however, use some of the tips I've read like incorporating aloe vera gel and as an antibacterial scalp cleanser, as well as apple cider vinegar as a clarifying rinse. I do this once a week. Every second week, I mix about a 2-3 teaspoons of rye flour with the aloe vera gel and make a paste. Then I rub it on my scalp to help exfoliate and at the same time I use it as a scalp mask, just leaving it on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing it out. It's supposed to give your follicles all of the protein and nutrients it requires to grow healthy. There will be a few flakes of the rye flour left in your towel dried hair, but the blow drying will remove them.

On a side note, I've also read that consuming molasses every day can reverse grey hairs. I'm curious to know if this has worked for anyone. I don't have too many yet, but can you imagine if it were true?!! I'll be stocking up my pantry LOL!

May 31, 2016 @ 10:10 pm


I've heard Cantu Co Wash is awesome and sells for about 5 bucks at Wal-Mart :)
Jun 07, 2016 @ 10:02 pm

Not for me

I tried this approach last year after having a friend rave and say it worked wonders similar to you, and to be honest, her hair did look so amazing that I had to try it myself! That being said, after day 4 of no shampoo and conditioner only, my head started to get itchy. I guess my scalp wasn't used to not always being drenched in product haha. Anyways, the natural oil of my hair was actually too much for me to take. I personally felt kinda icky, just didn't feel like my hair was going anywhere good haha. Maybe I also gave up too soon, who knows? Not something I'm willing to dive into just now again though, especially now that i have shorter hair.
Jun 08, 2016 @ 12:47 am


It's interesting to hear everyone's take on this. My friend told me today that she hasn't used shampoo in over a year. I had no idea until I complimented her today on her curls (she lives in another city so I don't see her in person often). Anyhow, for her "greasy roots" days she uses baking soda to scrub her scalp and rinses with apple cider vinegar every so often. I couldn't believe how awesome her curls looked. Her hair is so healthy and shiny and she has thin, long and very curly hair. This sounds awful for me to say but she usually has extremely frizzy curls. I am just so amazed at how strong, healthy and completely non frizzy her hair is. I'm gonna keep trying this method for awhile to see if co-washing makes my hair more hydrated. I'm so inspired to keep going after seeing her results today! I agree though that's it's not for everyone. Just like anything else, sometimes it works for certain individuals and for others it doesn't. :)
Jun 08, 2016 @ 12:57 am

New products

Also, I meant to mention that I've recently been seeing a new and somewhat similar trend in shampoos and conditioners. I think it's the Tresseme brand, and another brand whose name escapes me right now, that are introducing new products and a way of cleaning your hair. The Tresseme one (I think) says to use its conditioner FIRST, followed by their shampoo and the other brand (can't remember) introduced something like a 7 in 1 "hair cleanser" that you wash your hair with. Just one product that gently cleanses hair with no suds. I love hearing about these new ways to clear your hair. Has anyone tried the hair cleanser I'm referring to? Or do you know what the brand is? I came across it in a beauty article. I should Google it...
Jun 08, 2016 @ 01:04 am

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