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Coastal Scent


Ive recently heard about a brand called coastal scent, who do a range of make up palettes, so i went on the website to check it out. However, it is quite expensive for me, living in the UK with they huge shipping prices. I was wondering if anyone knew any way of buying these products in the UK or another brand which sell similar palettes that are available in the UK thankyou! x
Jul 07, 2009 @ 10:17 am

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i know sephora had an island/mermaid type theme going on....also, check out benefit cosmetics. you could also check out the colors you like and just score them somewhere else right?

good luck in your search!
Jul 07, 2009 @ 10:59 am

Coastal Scents

hmm. having expensive shipping sucks. Their products/ palettes are quite good. I especially like the blush palette and the neutral palette. I think for a large portion of the colors, the pigmentation are up to par with mac. And i think the neutral palette has 28 colors? So if you add up the same amount from mac, it's way more than coastal scents. I think if you get the 4 empty palette and four refill shadows from mac, it's around 70cnd? So if you were to invest in eyeshadows, i think coastal scents is a good bet. If it's really really out of your budget, try looking out for deals. I believe they always have friday sales. I think when i got it, it was black friday and it was 25% off. So that'll help a lot.

If you are looking for similar palettes, there are a lot of 120 eyeshadow color palettes on ebay. I know one of my friends got it on ebay and she liked it. It was like 10 dollars or something. I can't comment on the quality because i haven't tried/swatched it. But do a google search for swatches and you'll get an idea on how it is.

But on a happier note, you guys in the UK have illamasqua! i've been wanting to get my hands on their products but the shipping is so expensive. I've heard great things about it, so if you liked a particular color, i'd totally go for it and try it out.

I hope this helped : )
Jul 07, 2009 @ 03:56 pm


Yeaah both have helped alot thankyou! :) and the blush palette is what i wanted but it cost $33 shipping on top of that, i just dont have enough money to be paying for that :/ but thanks for the advice on using other products and looking on ebay. Im going to check out illamasqua, see what products they have on there :)x
Jul 07, 2009 @ 08:47 pm

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