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Colors That Flatter YOUR Color


Anyone thinking of trying a different hair color for the Holidays...? Found this video with some good tips to know which direction to go.

I'm hoping to finally go for it and make that change I been wanting and I think I really need. I've never done any type of hair coloring to my hair, all I've ever done to it was to get it in long layers like twice or three times that I remember and trim it. I'm so scared to try something different but I really want to though.

I really wanted to try the blonde on myself but don't know what kind of blonde would look good on me and was scared of going blonde all at once so was thinking of getting highlights first to give it a try and then go blonde, also cause I want to try black on my hair and I hear that black is harder to come off so I though I should try the blonde first. Another thing why I still haven't made the change to a blonde are my eye brows, they look like if their black, that's what I use to think but their actually like a dark brown.

In some pictures my hair looks dark like if I had it black, my husband wen we first met he use to think my hair was actually blonde, lol...I find it funny. The bottom of my hair is lighter than the top and wen the sun hits it, he says it looks kind of blonde.

Don't know what to do and I would love to hear some advice and know what you girls think...I will post two pictures in my gallery so you guys could see me without make up and tell me what you think I should go for based on my skin tone and hair color. I have fair skin and green eyes, I just say my hair is a darkish brown.

So sorry for my long story, tried to break it off so it wouldn't look too long. : )
Anyways here's the link to the video, check it out.

Nov 19, 2009 @ 12:43 pm

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I looked at the video and also saw ur pics and i think the colour you have right now looks great on you!!! Your natural colour suits you best.... also i bet you could pull all three colours off just fine (yup i know i'm no help)

Meanwhile I do understand the urge to do something different, so whatever colour you try, why not try the semi-permenant type so it washes out? That way you get to try it without having to live with it if you don't like it.

Nov 20, 2009 @ 08:25 pm

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