Dark circels


What's the best way to decrease bags under my eyes? I have a lack of sleep most days due to my little fella and being to busy. So if anyone can recommend a product or ways to reduce them that would be amazing :)
Apr 15, 2015 @ 10:06 am

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Dark circles

I feel your pain...I not only have bags...I have luggage under my eyes. I've been reviewing quite a few things lately for that same issue.
I got the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye from ipsy a couple months ago. It was ok...but too pale for my complexion. But the reviews from other people were awesome!
Social Nature sent me the Zax's
Dark Circle eye cream to review, and after 2 weeks I've noticed quite a bit of improvement. Reduced puffiness, and the colour is evening out.
My go to is Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer Pencil. It works so well for me, once I learned to apply it after foundation and before powder.
Hope this helps a bit

Apr 15, 2015 @ 11:59 am


thanks! ill give those all a look at and see what there about...ill try almost anything
Apr 15, 2015 @ 12:03 pm

Dark Circles

I read a while ago in a Magazine that if you put sliced Cucumber over your eyes for ten minutes it would take down the swelling and dark circles.I also read that two spoons out of a freezer works wonders also.
Apr 15, 2015 @ 08:17 pm


ya I tried the frozen spoons I cant handle the cold to much lol but I never tried the cucumber Ill try that later! thanks
Apr 15, 2015 @ 10:16 pm


I like putting green tea bags, I find it really helps. Also there are lots of serums available
Apr 17, 2015 @ 11:58 am

Cucumbers Slices and Cold Tea Bags Work Quite Well!

Also - Benefit Cosmetics has come out with what's called "Puff Off" with a roller that works excellent - but it's not cheap. If you're looking to spend only a little I would stick with the natural cuke slices or cold tea bags. As an alternative - Aveeno also makes a Roller applied product too - I think it's called Aveeno Smart Essentials Eye Treatment for Dark Circles and the "Puffies"! You can pretty much buy it at any big box retailer like Walmart or your local drudstore for under $10.
Apr 17, 2015 @ 04:39 pm

Me too

Though, I think mine are genetic. I had some success with a turmeric and olive oil treatment and using cold spoons for a few minutes each day.
Apr 17, 2015 @ 04:43 pm


thanks all I just want to read up on some stuff I tried tea bags but no luck or very little I didn't notice :( but I know its nothing I can fix quick or a lot really .. oh well
Apr 20, 2015 @ 10:04 pm


Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream - a MIRACLE WORKER for Dark Circles.
Apr 24, 2015 @ 03:38 pm

Dang Circles

Honestly I've given in and switched to wearing eyeglasses just to hide them. My fave product is the Garnier BB eye roller though, it has concealer in it. Also I do my best to sleep on my back b/c I heard that it prevents the pooling of blood vessels under the eyes.
Apr 24, 2015 @ 04:14 pm

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