ELLE Canada Beauty Grand Prix 2016

on Nov 17, 2015 @ 11:06 am

Sign up for a chance to try out cosmetics for free to review from Elle magazine. I was chosen for this one year and it was amazing!


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thanks on Nov 17, 2015 @ 12:40 pm

Thanks for the heads up Heidi! Fingers crossed!

Thanks on Nov 17, 2015 @ 12:59 pm

I did it last year, thanks for letting me know that it's on again!!!

more details on Nov 17, 2015 @ 03:47 pm

So, what's it all about? I skimmed through the details, but what kind of products are there? Any details you could throw me would be great!

Details on Nov 17, 2015 @ 03:50 pm

Last year I got a whole bunch of makeup products! Eyeliners, moisturisers, foundations and lipsticks and nail polishes. They all come wrapped in the Elle packaging so that it's a blind test.

Each week you test a different product (You can choose which order) and then submit a review and star rating to the Elle site. I had a lot of fun doing it so I hope I get picked again.

It was a little nervewracking not knowing what it was, but I was surprised to find when it was revealed that many of the cheaper products were superior.

Yay! on Nov 17, 2015 @ 03:51 pm

I did this last year. I got the hair and skin box. They shipped me 4 different shampoo/conditioners...and when I removed the label I was quite surprised by the brand names. Some of them retailed for $36 for the shampoo AND $36 for the conditioner.
I got Clarins face cream ($125 retail) and another cream that sells for over $600/jar. (of course I also got products like Olay and Jergens.)

yay on Nov 17, 2015 @ 04:43 pm

This sounds kind of exciting! Thanks for the info everyone.

:) on Nov 18, 2015 @ 04:44 pm

Thanks for the post Heidi!

Thank you on Nov 18, 2015 @ 05:45 pm

Thanks for sharing!!! :)

ELLE CANADA BEAUTY GRAND PRIX 2016 on Nov 18, 2015 @ 06:58 pm

I filled out the survey yesterday. Good Luck Ladies.

I soooooo on Nov 18, 2015 @ 10:50 pm

wish to get this again. I got to test stuff this year and it was amazing. I had moisturizers, concealers and dry shampoos. I was not thrilled about the dry shampoo testing as dry shampoos worsen my eczema but still tried :) And the moisturizers were full size, and all pretty expensive brands. The concealers were drug store concealers but a couple were awesome, will buy those myself once I am out! :)

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