Glaucoma Meds for Thick Lashes

on Jul 09, 2012 @ 11:26 am

Have you ever heard of Latisse? It's an eyelash growth product designed to make you have thicker, longer lashes. 

I've heard of Latisse before but I just found out that Latisse is the brand name for a generic ingredient. This ingredient is actually glaucoma medication! The drug was originally called Lumigan and was used to treat eye conditions. However when used, patients started to notice how their eyelashes grew. 


Have you heard of this before? Would you ever consider this? I'm curious but I don't think I need longer lashes enough to justify buying an expensive product, especially one that is a drug and a medication.

We did an article on eyelash growth last summer, check that out over here as well

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yep... but nope! on Jul 09, 2012 @ 02:29 pm

YEP I've heard of it. NOPE not going to use it (even though I have skimpy lashes naturally) due to cost and I don't want unnecessary drugs. I've only got one set of eyes.

I read about it as part of my own research before I tried a lash growing serum over a year ago. Mine was OTC but used the same types of 'cosmeceutical' ingredients. I did a review on ChickAdvisor for it, and it was really good. I'm overly careful and not using it now as I am undergoing a series of eye surgeries (unrelated, I promise you!). Even my OTC is in a sense a drug because it fools the follicles into the growth cycle for longer durations. (When you stop using the product, your lashes go back to normal in a few weeks). Latisse follows the same pattern but has more drug I believe.

This whole thing started when glaucoma sufferers started noticing that they were getting amazing lashes suddenly.... (talk about a great side effect)

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