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Glowing Skin


My skin doesn't have an uniform color especially my face. I wanna know is there any home remedies that would help in making my skin smooth and get an uniform color. I especially have an believe that homely products have an good effect rather than using the beauty creams and products that contain a lot of chemicals. so, chicks your suggestions are invited.
Jun 15, 2012 @ 02:51 am

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depends on the reason

It really depends on the reason for the discolouration, which in turn will determine which remedy you choose.

If you tanned a lot in the past, sun damage can be responsible for changing pigmentation. I am in my 30s and haven't purposely sunbathed for years, but have yellowing around my mouth and sun spots on my forehead and temples. I have extremely fair skin, but women of all ethnicities can experience this.

If you have been pregnant, you can experience skin discolouration that usually fades, but sometimes it remains. Past skin irritations like acne, rosacea, and eczema can create sections of unevently pigmented skin, and then there are factors due to ethnicity and aging... so even if you do all of the right protective measures, discolouration may be inevitable.

I don't know of any natural remedies that will even out discoloration. Because it's due in part to the amount of melatonin (if I recall correctly?) that naturally occurs in your skin, it's like cellulite (which is related to your natural collagen levels) - either you'll have problems or you won't. You can't fix it, all you can do is camouflage and minimize it.

Some natural remedies have bleaching properties, so if that's what you want to try to lighten dark patches, keep in mind that just because it's natural does not necessarily mean it's a good fit for your skin. You should always talk to a dermatologist before trying anything that is meant to achieve a noticeable result. Keep in mind too that homemade remedies are reliant on the skill of the DIYer, so if you mess up the proportions or use sub-standard ingredients, you could potentially make the problem worse. "Natural" remedies are also less regulated than conventional products, so you just need to be wise about what you choose.

Again, pick a remedy based on your skin's unique characteristics and needs, and ideally with a professional overseeing your choices if a major change is what you're hoping to achieve. I have heard that lemon juice can provide subtle lightening as a spot treatment, but do not forget that it is an acid (namely citric acid), and you should respect it as such.

Lastly, it's also really important to be careful about sun exposure after you've done a lightening treatment, especially something like a peel because your skin is just that much more sensitive.

If none of these things work, well, that's what concealer is for :)

Jun 15, 2012 @ 11:11 am

Good God, Mama!

mamaluv, that's a great answer!

Quick and tiny note... avoid citric acid (lemon juice, topically) and sunlight. Not fun and damaging. Natural solutions are harder to stabilize and control

For an OTC remedy (sorry, I know you prefer natural), try NeoStrata's HQ gel. Its hyrdoquinone and glycolic acid (sugar cane derived - an alpha-hydroxy which only targets dead skin cells). Use one full tube - as directed - beginning with 1x per day and then moving to 2 if you can tolerate it. Here's a big concern... you should have 0 sun when using this. Maybe wait until fall? If this doesn't work, see a derm.
Jun 15, 2012 @ 10:05 pm

Skin Discolouration

I would recommend glycolic acid, which @Tashacat also talked about. Vitamin C is also used to reduce pigmentation. There are actually a ton of products out there for brightening and reducing dark spots. I know people who swear by citric acid remedies (lemon juice) but I find this quite harsh.
Aug 06, 2013 @ 06:51 pm

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