Good Plastic Surgeon in Toronto?


Hi, I noticed there aren't a lot of reviews for plastic surgeons and I really need some help. A couple of years ago I had my nose done (coulnd't breathe properly and he made it smaller). Since then my nose has been slowly deforming as the stitches have been forcing their way out of my nose - which my doctor said he has never seen before. As a result, my nose looks bit odd and defomred at the tip and the stiches are painful. My Doctor said he would redo it, so I would have a second operation, but I really want to get a second opinion before I go though the horror of going under again. If my nose forced the stitches out the first time why wouldn't it happen again?

Does anyone know any really good plastic surgeons (specifically for nose) who I could get a second opinion from? I'm not sure I want to let the first guy have at it again. Thanks!!!

Oh, and by the way, anyone considering plastic surgery should know how excruciatngly palinful it is - esp the nose, which they say is the most painful elective surgery you can get. I would never have done it had I known how bad it was going to hurt or that I now have to go through this all again.
Apr 21, 2007 @ 02:59 pm

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