Help my feet!


I've been trying to find some type of scrub or cream that will help my feet from being so dry. 
I've tried Sally Hansen, Nivea, St Ives, Olay, and a few others that I can't remember right now, but they only work temporarily. At this point, I'm really not too worried about the price, I just want something that would actually work! Any suggestions?
Oct 14, 2010 @ 03:34 pm

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Kind of icky but it works

You could try this: you slather your feet in vaseline, kind of rub in lots all over, then you put on some heavy socks like men's tube socks or something like that. You do this overnight and in the morning, your feet are nice and smooth and soft. It's much more moisturizing than just a cream alone is. Hope this works for you and gives you some relief. Good luck!
Oct 14, 2010 @ 04:36 pm

Upper Canada Soap

I've always had trouble with dry, cracking, feet during the summer from wearing flip flops all the time. About 2 years ago, I tried the Upper Canada Peppermint Food Therapy, which managed to soothe my feet. I think the product is discontinued now, but they do have many lines of products just for feet!

However, I think if you've already tried so many products to no avail, you may want to see a dermatologist to get a prescription grade cream.

Good luck! Let us know if you find something amazing :)
Oct 14, 2010 @ 04:39 pm


I love Gehwol! Their creams are the most effective I've ever tried - and I might possibly have tried them all.

Runner up would be Shea It Isn't So by Bath & Body Works.

There are quite a few foot creams reviewed on this site. I suggest you start there!
Oct 14, 2010 @ 04:43 pm

I've heard the same

thing that schmoopie suggested works great. It was a long time ago and I can't remember where I heard it, but I do know it was the same thing. Give it a try you might be surprised.
Oct 15, 2010 @ 06:18 am

take it to the next level

If you have really severe dry feet then do as Schmoopie and Takoda suggest, then slip a sandwich baggie or cling wrap over your feet before putting on socks. It's not the most comfy, but it's like turbo charging your foot rescue. I find that if you put on only socks right away after slathering with Vaseline, the cotton absorbs much of the gel and less soaks into your feet.

After your baggie & Vaseline session (try to leave on for 30-45 minutes) wash your feet with warm soapy water and then slough the dead skin off with a buffing file (eg. a Swedish file). Follow up with your favourite foot cream and you should have baby soft feet!

Keep in mind that if you've recently buffed, you should not repeat too soon. Your foot depends on a certain amount of natural callous or you could be susceptible to injury and discomfort because your skin is too thin in that area. This is also why it's a bad idea to shave your heels with a razor because it's so easy to overdo it. Most nail salons now use a buffing file to remove dead skin, not those shavers that were so popular before.
Oct 15, 2010 @ 09:00 am


I will definitely try the Vaseline treatment, it seems icky but it does seems promising. I'm also going to go try to find that Gehwolf and the cream from Bath & Body Works, even if I don't need after the treatment it will give me an excuse to go there anyways =)

Thanks everyone!
Oct 15, 2010 @ 11:22 am

look elsewhere for Gehwol

I'm pretty sure Bath & Body Works doesn't carry Gehwol, but they do have my #2 fave (Shea it isn't so). You can find Gehwol in many nail salons as well as several online sources including

In the outside chance that you're planning a trip to Europe anytime soon (!), you can find it at many pharmacies (not the drugstore - try an apothecary) there, esp in Germany. It's also less expensive there (around $10 compared to $20ish in N. America).
Oct 15, 2010 @ 11:35 am

I wish!

I guess I'll try since unfortunately I'm not planning to go to Europe anytime soon =(

Thanks again!
Oct 15, 2010 @ 11:51 am

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