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How good are Mark Eye Shadows...?


Love MAC eye shadows but are pricey, L'Oreal HIP eye shadows are nice too and recently purchased 2, but would like to know if Mark eye shadows are as good as these two top ones...? Trying to decide if I should buy some or not. Do they last a long time...wen you wear it too...does it crease...? If it's affordable and good quality make up why not buy it but if not I prefer MAC, even though it's expensive, it's worth your money. What's a good eye primer?


Thanks & Happy Holidays!
Dec 05, 2009 @ 01:43 pm

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Mark eyeshadow from Avon

Mark eyeshadow from Avon, right? If so yeah I've tried it. I got a light blue-green color. I liked the color a lot but it didn't last as long as MAC for me. It did crease for me. But I tend to have oily eyelids. I didn't pay that much for it. It's decent. I didn't use a primer though when using the Mark eyeshadow. But I feel like when I don't use primer with MAC, it still lasts a lot longer than any other eyeshadow. I guess it's pricey for a reason because it's good quality. I personally like Mary Kay eye primer. It works well for me. But I know lots of girls use Urban Decay eye primer potion and say it is really good. I haven't used it but most likely will purchase it soon.
Dec 05, 2009 @ 03:30 pm

Yes, Avon sells Mark

I don't like Avon, my mother in-law sells Avon and she's always giving me samples or the whole make up. I do give it a try to see how they work but just have em sitting there with no use cause I think there's better make up I can use.

Anyways I was asking bout Mark eye shadows cause I read several reviews that some girls like it and say their pretty good but still not so sure if their all that great to purchase myself.

I did love the Drew Drenched moisturlicious lip color in peachy from Mark so I had to order it after I tried a sample cause I loved how it looked on me.

Lip color, lip gloss, anything for the lips I don't care much if I have to reapply cause I like applying them anyways but eye shadows now I have to have the good quality ones to just have to apply once before stepping out and that's it.
Dec 05, 2009 @ 04:28 pm

Avon is poor quality make-up

Yup, I agree - All the Avon makeup I have every purchased has either dried out quickly or applied very thin and then dissapeared in 1/2 hour. I buy it because I like the colour and then I kick myself and say Moron - I should have spent the extra and got MAC or something else instead!!!
Dec 22, 2009 @ 05:53 pm

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