How to use disposable face wipes?

on Dec 18, 2008 @ 09:57 pm

I got these disposable, moistened face wipes. It says you can use it to remove make up. Are you suppose to rinse with water after cleaning the face with the wipe or can go straight to toning step? I find if I don't rinse after cleansing with the clothes, my face feels a little sticky.

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Ali de Bold
Depends on the brand on Dec 20, 2008 @ 08:28 am

Some of them don't require you to rinse, others do. If it lathers, definitely wash it off. I've tried ones that do need rinsing and ones that don't. I tend to prefer the ones that don't, otherwise there is little advantage to using them over facial cleanser.

I need these!! on Dec 23, 2008 @ 01:43 pm

I'm so lazy at removing makeup at night that most of the time I end up slacking and not doing it! *Gasp* My skin is upset with me... I'm looking into the Olay Daily Facials.. those don't need water you just wipe and go, how convenient :)

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