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I have Ridiculously Dry Hair! HELP


So I live in a super dry climate. Most women can't maintain long hair here because it is so dry.

I want to know your soft healthy hair habits that keep your hair from being dry and damaged, and without split ends!

I currently am using a deep conditioner once a week, and a leave in every day. In addition I air dry my hair, and i do not use any heat tools. I keep my hair loose, in a pony, or a messy bun, sometimes a i braid it.

I had it Salon coloured 3 months ago, and a perm 2 months ago(I have such boring straight hair, just needed a change)

My hair is naturally poker straight, super fine, oily at the scalp, and although it is fine, I have quite a bit of it!

What are your routines and favourite products!?

Apr 18, 2021 @ 02:24 pm

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Use a good shampoo with no parabens like Live Clean or Nexus.
Apr 19, 2021 @ 09:17 am

Coconut oil

Once a week (or every other week) I use coconut oil. Massage my scalp with it bring it to my roots, put my hair in a bun and go to sleep. It does stain pillows & sheets, so I put a towel over the pillow. Wash out in the morning with my shampoo.
Apr 19, 2021 @ 12:21 pm

Coconut oil for the win!

Use coconut oil before shower 1-2x a week...... Slather it all over for 10-15min before you hop in the shower for extra moisture! I buy it in a litre pump bottle so it's super easy to use. Be sure to use good shampoo and conditioner as well without all the additives. Do a hair masque once a week too!
Apr 19, 2021 @ 03:42 pm

expensive... but works!

I have struggled with dry hair for the past few years and tried every product possible (including oils) and these are the 2 products that saved my hair.. yes these products are pricey but 100% worth every dollar in my opinion. I use the Olaplex number 3 treatment once or twice a week and leave it in damp hair for about 45 minutes then i rinse, shampoo and apply the Amika the cure hair mask. this combo leaves my hair feeling amazing!
Apr 19, 2021 @ 04:02 pm

Sulfate Free

I switched to using sulfate free shampoo's and conditioners a couple of years ago and my hair has held a better condition for it. I had some loss of thickness and body, but after swapping SLS and paraben laden products for sulphate free, and not over-washing my hair, after a few months I saw a difference.

My top favourite SLS free brands are:

MAUI Moisture

Bondi Boost

OGX organic hair care range
Apr 27, 2021 @ 04:04 pm

Dry Hair

There is such a thing as washing hair too often and oils can be stripped from the hair. Also, you may be surprised to know that what you eat also has a lot to do with keeping hair healthy and shiny.Try not to use curling irons as heat does damage.
May 08, 2021 @ 09:24 pm
Sandra Ribeiro

Sulfate free

I had the same issue until I switched to sulfate snd paraben free shampoos and conditioner. Made a huge difference!
May 10, 2021 @ 02:33 pm

Virgin Olive Oil or Coconut Oil for dry scalp

I usually having a dry scalp or my hair slecially after birth, its really a messy hair. all i did is massage my scalp with some virigin olive oil or if i dont have it available, i will use and massage it with coconut oil and leave it for 30 minutes then wash with a little shampoo and conditioner. do it atleast 2-3 x a week.
May 10, 2021 @ 02:58 pm

Moroccan oil

I’ve used Moroccan oil to help with my dry hair. I get it from the salon both the leave in dry oil and the blow dry spray. A little goes a very long way. I have long thick but fine hair and don’t need very much of the product to get the benefits. The salons that I get it from give a 20%discount when you go back with the empty bottle to replace it which helps offset the cost of the product.
May 10, 2021 @ 06:58 pm

olaplex 9

The best thing you can do is reduce the aggressiveness of the exposure and make a good habit of not touching your hair. Gradually give up daily washing and find a comfortable interval - once every two or three days or a week, depending on hair structure and scalp type. At the same time, switch to mild shampoos, organic or designed for dry and colored hair. Pay attention to the pH level of products: dry strands need low- or neutral-rated products. Shampoo can be alternated with conditioner. I also recommend olaplex 9 for protection.
May 19, 2022 @ 11:22 am

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