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I need some help! How often to YOU pull yourself together?


I need some help.
I've always been one of those women who likes being put together: hair, makeup, nails, etc.
I enjoy (or used to enjoy) the makeup application process - if I had the time/money to train to become a certified MUA, I would.
One of my biggest fears in life is that I'm going to turn into just another frumpy girlfriend/fiance/wife.
A woman who lets herself go...
You know the type: She always has her hair in a bun, no polish on her nails, and hasn't applied makeup since her wedding day.
FTR, I don't think there's anything wrong with living like this and I'm not judging women who are, it's just not how I, personally, want to turn out.
I know a few women like this who are happy, but I know I won't be happy if I look at myself in the mirror and see this... blob.
I don't ever want to get so lazy that I can't be bothered to straighten my hair or so unmotivated that a bare face seems good enough.
The problem is, I've turned into this woman!
I was about to go put my face on for the long weekend and I just broke down into tears.
I can't be bothered to invest all of that time into the process, even though I know it'll make me feel better.
This has been a cycle for about 2 months now.
I'm just so... unmotivated.
I know it seems superficial and I guess it is, but looking good equates to feeling good.
The weird thing is, I haven't let myself go in other areas.
I still keep a clean house, cook frequently, and go to work.
It's like i"m depressed and it's starting to SHOW on my face/body... I think I'm gaining weight.

How can I pull myself out of this? Why can't I put myself together anymore? It's like I just want to sit on the couch rather than pull myself together which just perpetuates this destructive cycle.
Sep 05, 2015 @ 01:49 pm

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We all have these kind of days. I know this happened to me after I had my kids and I just felt awful. What got me out of it was setting aside time for myself. Do what makes you feel good maybe go get your makeup and hair done at a salon or go to the spa. Your life needs balance and if you don't take time for yourself it does put you in a downword spiral giving you lack of motivation to do anything. I even have a quite space for me time and my husband and kids know if I am in there its alone time.
I hope you find your balance.
Sep 05, 2015 @ 08:12 pm

A mixed bag

i have a son and I am always taking care of something at home. when my husband and I go out or on vacation I always deck out, but for day to day I am a housewife, so while I do maintain daily makeup and run a brush through my hair and at least keep up with my pedicures in the summer, I do not freak out if my hair ends up in a high bun or my makeup smears from my son giving me a hug. If you are truly happy, it doesn't matter how you look.
Sep 06, 2015 @ 04:39 pm

Pull Yourself Together

Hi Khaleesi 86,nice to meet you.You sound like a very nice person and from what I just read,I think you are very depressed over something.You never said if you were Married with Kids or not so,I'll assume you are not.There must be a reason why you are feeling this way.Maybe there is a Guy in there somewhere you like and if you can't have him,you let yourself go.You have to give yourself a shake.I felt the same way many,many years ago,it was a Guy and he dropped me for someone else.I was crushed and gained about 100lbs.I had to smarten up,and I did.I don't know why you are doing this to yourself,you sound like a very intellegent woman going through a rough patch.(I hope I'm right). You need to talk to someone to help pull you out of this rut you are in.We don't know what we are going to look like 30 yrs or more from now but I'm sure you will agree that you need to take control and try to make sure it doesn't happen.I made the choice and smartened up.I lost the weight and ever since then I never miss a day without putting on makeup.I always say,you never know who is going to knock on your door.I won't even go to my clothes line outside or my Sisters ,across the street without makeup.I'm 67 now and please God,I will be able to keep it up as long as I can.So,go get yourself all prettied up,you deserve it you are too young to be gloomed.Life is too short to let it go by.Hope you feel better soon.
Sep 07, 2015 @ 09:27 pm


Hi maybe first rule and see if you might have depression, just to see in general no mean comment here.

Second is maybe try a new look, like a new hair cut or a complete makeover. There is some places that can help you out with makeup and trends and also clothing stores will be willing to help you out with clothing. If you are interested.

Third never compare yourself to others, it'll just wear you down and just upset yourself even more, which is something no one should ever do because being yourself and doing what you like most is what makes you the happiest. Try and make a goal you may want to do like a exercise routine or something you enjoy and gain confidence through that. Remember everybody gets upset about themselves once in awhile but does not make less than everyone.

I hope this advice helps you out and good luck.
Sep 16, 2015 @ 05:22 pm

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