In need of a new lip color!!

on Jan 07, 2013 @ 01:26 pm

So...I'm looking for a few recomendations for a new lipstick, brand, color... I love two-in-ones, like a chubby pencil that serves as a liner and a lipstick, or dual-ended products - liner on one side, lipstick on the other.  I have fair to medium skin, with reddish/gold hair. Anyone have any suggestions!?

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Pinks? on Jan 07, 2013 @ 02:44 pm

I think fair skin reddish/blondeish hair would look pretty with pink lips!

Something like this maybe?

Also, I think a nice bold red actually works for any person.

My favourite drug store brand for lipstick is probably Revlon or Rimmel and for new products, I would check out some of the great chubby glossy pencils from CoverGirl or Revlon. Tarte and Clinique also make one if you are looking for a higher end brand.

No idea. on Jan 07, 2013 @ 02:49 pm

I honestly have no idea, but I really love the first look that Alex just posted up for you!

thanks! :) on Jan 07, 2013 @ 03:08 pm

Yes, both of these colors would work well on my skin tone! Beautiful colors! I'll definitely check out the chubby glossy pencils, and thank you for your recomendations!

nice on Jan 07, 2013 @ 11:28 pm

Very nice suggestions, I have dark hair and olive skin and adore pink in that shade.

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