Incredibly Dry Skin


For the longest time now, I have had horribly dry skin, and it gets worse in the winter. I've tried out so many different products - Vichy One Step Cleanser, Dove Sensitive Skin Lotion, Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion, Vaseline Intensive Care Daily Moisturizer - all these were recommended to me, and yet none of them work, with the exception of Aveeno that helped a little bit. Although I have dry skin (mostly on my forehead and nose, a little bit on my cheeks), it's also oily (mostly on my cheeks).
Can anyone suggest anything that might help? I'd really appreciate it!
Jan 25, 2007 @ 08:01 pm

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Help for dry skin!

Is it dry all over (face and body)?

If it is: for your body I recommend that you take a warm shower in the winter (NOT hot, because hot water is really bad for dry skin).

As soon as you get out of the shower, while your skin is still damp put on an intensive moisturizer (a body butter is good! - try the Body Shop). Rub it in until it is fully absorbed. When you put on moisturizer while your skin is still wet, you lock in a layer of moisture in between the cream and your skin. Maybe Aveeno/Vaseline//Dove are not thick enough in moisture to penetrate through dry skin.

Another thing is that the heat indoor and the cold wind outside can really contribute to dry skin (especially the heating in residences :) ) A humidifier can be of some help, and they are not that expensive. Not only are they better for your skin (because there is more moisture in the air), they are better for you if you have a cold or flu. They loosen up the mucus in your nose and air passages.

Because on my face I don't have a dry skin type (more combination/oily) I cannot really recommend a moisturizer for you. Does anyone else know?
Jan 25, 2007 @ 08:49 pm

another idea

Artist is right, I would say the same especially about the humidifier. Another option for body is to use baby oil, just after you turn your shower off but are still standing there in the mist and dripping wet. Smooth it all over your body, it helps my kids tremendously.

It's a common misconception that using an oily product on oily skin is bad. In fact, sometimes your skin overproduces oil because you're stripping it of the natural oils too often. Try taking the shortest shower you can get away with, no baths, basically anything to avoid rinsing away too much of your own oil. Overnight, use a richer cream on your face (many lines sell an overnight - I use Aveeno). I've also started using the Wild Sage line (see my review on this if you like), and the moisturizer I have is basically just a mixture of natural oils. It works amazing and my skin is no oilier than it was before, just wonderfully soft and moist.
Jan 25, 2007 @ 10:14 pm

All good ideas!

Yep, I have heard that you should always moisturize within 3 minutes of being out of the shower while you are still damp. I have also heard the avoid hot water thing. Humidifiers go from $20-120 depending on what you are looking for. The cheaper ones are often louder so you may not want to run it in your room while you are sleeping but you can having it running while you are awake and it will add moisture to the air to help out! Ooo...and also be careful with shower gels...some of them tend to dry out skin..especially in the winter!
Jan 26, 2007 @ 02:43 pm

Thank you :)

Thanks for all your suggestions, I'll definitely try them out!
Jan 26, 2007 @ 05:34 pm
Ali de Bold

I have this problem too.

My body is fine because I always put on Johnson's 24 hour body lotion the moment I'm out of the shower, but my face and scalp are very dry. The Wild Sage helped my face with the dry patches, but they're still there. My theory is I'm just not built for Canadian winters.
Jan 27, 2007 @ 10:37 am

Soo good...

Try this! It's amazing and not bad on the price...
FACE makeup remover. It's a milky based makeup remover that dissolves away all of your makeup (face and eyes) and leaves silkly soft skin behind. They have it specially based for different skin types, but it is very gentle. You rub it on and massage lightly onto your face and then splash away with water...pat dry and voila! Nice, non-dry, hydrated skin that is also NOT oily!
Best of all (this is my favorite part, it's how I got hooked) they have very small bottles that are like $5 so you can try it out without spending upwards of $20-$50 on something you don't like.
Available at Sephora.
Jan 29, 2007 @ 06:36 pm
Scents Of Peace

Make your own milk and honey cleanser . . .

Dairy products contain natural enzymes that loosen dead skin cells and honey is a NATURAL humectant. You can use yogurt or heavy whipping cream with oat flour (or whole oats) and honey for a wonderful and gentle conditioning cleanser. Just make a small amount and store in the fridge. Rinse well after use and discard any unused portion after a few days. This can be used over the whole body or just the face . . . think Cleopatra !

ALWAYS PAT DRY after bathing to retain moisture, and better yet, apply your chosen moisterizer while still slightly wet to seal it in !

INCREASE your water intake. A way to see if you need more fluids is to gently pinch the skin on the back of your hand. If the skin rebounds quickly or remains taut, you're fine. If it "wrinkles" or "peaks" for more than a second or two, you are dehydrated and need water immediately.

AVOID products that contain alcohol and be weary of added glycerin, a humectant extracted during the process of soapmaking to make a harder bar of soap. That is a whole 'nuther rant . . .

Hope that helps !
Jan 30, 2007 @ 12:09 am

cool idea

thanks scents of peace...that's making me hungry actually lol
how much of the yogurt, honey, and whole oats should I be using per batch?
Jan 30, 2007 @ 04:40 pm
ginkyo girl

Dry Skin ends here!

This is an idea I borrowed from Ayurvedic( traditional Indian Healing) Medicine.
Fill your sink up with hot water and pop a bottle of extra virgin olive oil in it, to warm up the oil. In a warm room, rub the olive oil all over your body and wrap yourself in a sheet ( it's messy but worth it !). Let yourself relax for about 20 minutes. Take a warm shower to quickly get the excess oil off. No soap, just enough shower to get the excess off. Towel dry. You should feel just wonderful ! Warm oiled skin! I make my own oil mixes with some massage oils, some olive oil and some essential oils to scent it. The key in this treatment is to spend some quality time in a warm room, so the oil can penetrate your skin. It is messy, but not out of control.
Jan 30, 2007 @ 07:52 pm
Ali de Bold

Such great advice!

I love all of these natural suggestions. Scents of Peace your recipe sounds so delicious I might prefer to eat it! I'm definitely going to try that this weekend. I also like the warm olive oil idea. I've always been a big fan of olive oil in general.
Jan 30, 2007 @ 10:50 pm

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