Its What You Eat Too


We're all concerned about having soft skin and we rub on creams etc. However, most of us ten to forget that we put inside our body is beneficial also; like eating things like walnuts, salmon, sardines and the list goes on. They help to hydrate our skin from the inside as well as outside.
Oct 19, 2015 @ 02:02 am

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Sandra Ribeiro

its what you eat

Eating foods that are rich in omegas helps improve skins elasticity
Oct 19, 2015 @ 09:17 am

You are what you eat!

I agree with you, you are what you eat and what you put into your body will most likely show on the outside as well. That's why it is so important to eat healthy and stay active. It feels better to be healthy too and to have healthy glowing skin.
Oct 19, 2015 @ 05:32 pm


I agree a lot of our outside bodies have to do with what we put inside our bodies
Jan 06, 2016 @ 08:22 am

So true

My friend eats a lot of junk and she always has break outs and her skin is so dry
Jan 06, 2016 @ 08:24 am

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