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Laser Hair Removal - Opinions.


Does anyone have any experience having their facial, underarm, bikini hair removed with laser treatment? I'm considering it. A friend is going through sessions right now and I love the results. For those of you that have had it. What's the grow back like, does it really eliminate regrowth. I have a few white hairs, which I know cannot be removed. My hair is dark, not thick, but dark. Is it harmful? Any advice or opinions would be great!
Jun 22, 2009 @ 06:07 pm

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I shy away from it...

I had someone close to me have a devastating experience with this. She is of mixed background like me and they set the lasers incorrectly which resulted in burning. It took months for her to recover and be able to show her legs again and there is still scarring. Because I am of similar mixed background I shy away from lasers all together even though it may have been just the place that she went to (although it was a reputable place on King St in Toronto).

Jun 23, 2009 @ 07:59 am

I'm doing it right now

I'm getting my upper lip and bikini area lasered right now. The results are pretty good especially in the bikini area. The really like the lady I go to and I've been with her for a few years now. I started waxing but have now transitioned to laser because the results are better and in the long run it's cheaper.

In terms of results, the darker and corser the hair the faster the results. My bikini hair is darker and corser and the results are more evident whereas my upper lip hair is lighter and I don't see much of a difference so far but I've only been for a few treatments so far, 3-4. Since underarm hair is darker and thicker I'm sure the results would be faster there as well. The purpose of laser is to kill the hair follicles but it only does so in a certain phase of the hair cycle which is why you have to go for various sessions because it depends what phase of the cycle each hair is on everytime you go. The hair does grow back lighter and it takes awhile to permenantly eliminate all hair growth. I go back whenever I can afford it and after all my hair has grown back, which is every 3-6 months. The last time I went was the beginning of March and everything's grown back now so I should probably go back but I'll probably wait until July or Aug.

I'm pretty sure it can be harmful because everything can be harmful in some way. I haven't had any problems with it myself and haven't heard anything from anyone else. For example, you wouldn't laser your eyebrows because that's too close to your eyes ad would harm them.

You don't necessarily have to remove everything. Some people go for a few sessions just to have less and lighter hair. Some people leave some hair. Some people get everything removed. Just remember that once it's gone it can't grow back to make sure that you really want that.

In terms of cost it'll differ at every place and depends on what areas you get done and how much hair you have. Where I go she charges me $55 for my upper lip and $130 for my bikini area. But if I do my bikini area she'll throw in the upper lip for free. Since I've been for a few sessions already she said next time I go she'll only charge me $100 because I have less hair. But there are other people who have a lot of hair or do their legs, which takes longer and therefore she'll charge more. It also helps that I've been with her for a long time and she knows me. She also did a test patch on me the first time because I wasn't sure if I wanted to do it. She lasered a patch on my bikini area so I could see the results after one treatment and from that decide if I want to do the whole area or not. I think this could be good for you if you're not sure. Wherever you go, ask them if they'll do a test patch for you for free to see if you want to continue. If you don't like it it's just a little patch so it's not a big deal and if you do then you'll pay to get the whole area done.
Jun 23, 2009 @ 03:18 pm

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