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Makeup brushes

Ali de Bold

I just realized that despite the fact that my bathroom over-floweth with makeup products, I only own one big makeup brush. I have a small blush brush that came with a kit, but aside from that, just one lonely Quo brush.

What I'm wondering is, which brush sets are the best? How much do they cost? And do you really need a different brush for your bronzer, powder foundation, blush, etc?
Jul 30, 2009 @ 02:58 pm

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I prefer MAC brushes...they are wonderfully made !

they are quite expensive so I usually wait until they have an event (I am on their email list) because they do have sales/specials on their brushes occasionally.

I personally feel that different brushes are needed for powder, foundation, bronzer. I have seen the difference myself after I had a MAC artist apply makeup with brushes on my face. I bought two of the brushes she used and am able to duplicate the look exactly.

Jul 31, 2009 @ 07:12 pm


I have 5 Quo Brushes, and they've been washed about 20 times and are
starting to fall apart a bit. I'm going to continue buying these cause
they go on sale 40% off sometimes.

MAC brushes are probably better and I may purchase the 180 kabuki .
I've heard good things about the 190 and the 187 stippling brush.

I use the "bronzing" brush from Quo to apply my foundation. Its a dupe for the 187 from MAC.
I do use a different brush for brush and powder, but sometimes I use the same for bronzer and powder.
Aug 01, 2009 @ 11:46 am


I too only have one big brush, and it's from Quo. It's a good brush ;)

I have a different brush for each: foundation, powder, blush, bronzer/highligher, eye shadow brushes. I do this also so that I don't have to clean off different products from each.

I mix high end brushes with lower end ones. I have ones from Sephora, MAC and Quo and sometimes other randoms :P. Sephora and MAC ones are more pricey, but I find cheaper ones also work well.

Sometimes MAC puts out brush sets for sale, esp around the holidays. It's a great way to sample many brushes at a lower price.

Higher quality brushes do do the job better and do give you a nicer result, but I find that Quo brushes aren't that bad either. Taking care of your brushes is most important. I wash them in a mild shampoo with warm water.

Cheap sponge tip brushes (that come with eyeshadows) are also pretty useful! I use them to smudge eyeliner/eye shadow for a softer, smokey look. Those and Q-tips...
Aug 01, 2009 @ 11:55 am


In art class, I always use hair conditioner to make my brushes last longer/ softer. You can do this to your make up brushes too.

I use brushes from everyday minerals. They're inexpensive and super soft. I also have a blush brush from Quo.
Aug 02, 2009 @ 01:15 am
Ali de Bold

Thanks for the tips!

Great suggestions all around! I will be adding to the stash. Thanks Chickies!
Aug 02, 2009 @ 04:06 pm


Quo Brushes on 40% off till August 7th at SDM!!!!!!!
Aug 04, 2009 @ 12:51 am

Other brands to add to the mix...

One of my all-time favourite face brushes is from by adesign (http://www.adesignbrushes.com). It is the Powder brush with a rounded tip, instead of the usual paddle brush. It deposits the right amount of powder every time. If you use liquid foundation, their Pointed Foundation brush is also quite good. It gets in hard to reach areas like around the nose better than flat foundation brushes.

EcoTools, which can be found at your local Wal-mart, makes a good blush brush. It is extremely soft, eco-friendly, and is less than $5.

Something else that I haven't tried but I have been DYING to get my hands on are Sigma brushes (http://www.sigmamakeup.com). They have been getting rave reviews over YouTube, where people are saying that they are just as good as MAC brushes for a fraction of the price. You can get them in brush kits or single brushes.

We'd love to hear what you decide on. :)
Aug 04, 2009 @ 07:55 pm
make-up junkie

I'm with Ren1!

Love adesign brushes as well as Eco Tools! My fave brush from adesign
is the Pointed Foundation brush because it gets in the hardest corners.
The price is similar to MAC's but if you want to buy it at cost go to
the Canadian Makeup Show (next one is this November! You have to pay
for tixs - unless your media- but it's not bad for all the discounts
you receive. ). It's regularly $36 US but I got it at the show for $19
CDN! Crown Brushes is also a great brand - also at cost at the Canadian
Makeup Show. You're looking at brushes starting at $1! Amazing value
and quality.

I love Eco Tools as well. Their brushes are super soft and
eco-friendly. I have a lot of MAC brushes and a lot of them have lasted
me a long time. I find their big powder and blush brushes shed though.

I like to have a brush for every use. A powder brush is for lightly applying and diffusing powders evenly over the skin or in large areas. It's important to use a blush brush for precise application of cheek colour. A big powder brush is too big.
Aug 05, 2009 @ 12:00 am

my collection

So many people talked up the MAC Foundation Brush #190 that I bought it. In my opinion, its a good brush if you want thick coverage, but if you're like me and want a more sheer subtle application, this is NOT the brush to get (lucky me, I lost the receipt and learnt this fact...ah well, at least i can say i own a MAC Brush! lol)

I have a few quo all over eye shadow brushes in different shapes / sizes
a few more posh eye shadow angle brushes in different shapes / sizes
a posh mineral brush
a posh blending brush (no idea how to use this btw, i got it free when I bought the mineral brush)
a mac eye liner brush
a quo blush brush
a wallmart kabuki brush

and thats about it.

I use the quo blush brush, eyeshadow angle brush and eyeshadow all over brush the most. I have a small eyeshadow brush that I use to apply to corners and on creases. If I want a heavier blush look, I use the mineral brush to apply my blush.

Aug 05, 2009 @ 09:02 pm

i love brushes : )

I agree with many others. I was at the canadian make up show and bought a lot of crown brushes. They're pretty awesome and the price is awesome too.I actually have a long brush roll that sits on my desk. I use a different brush for every different thing and i rely heavily on brushes.

I use a mix of higher ends and lower ends brushes. I love my macs. I find that the holiday brush sets (Says LE and is shorter) are convenient but not as good quality as the full size. My favorite mac brush is the 180 foundation flat top buffer brush. i actually bought 4 because it was limited edition and i was scared i was going to run out. I also found a good dupe for mac 214 - quo has a similar one that does a wonderful job. it's great for smudging your lash line/ precise blending.

Another good cheap and good quality brush set is the borghese (I think....) brush set sold at Costco. It's around $12.00 but i find that they're good quality. And a good way to start if you don't have much.

What are your favorite brushes?
Aug 07, 2009 @ 11:51 am

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