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Hi, I'm kind of new to the whole makeup thing. My look is basically foundation with eyeliner and mascara. I want to do something different, but I need products that are simple and cheap. Also I wanted some advice on some different eyeliners to use. I'm scared to use liquid and I have never used gel before, I basically stick with pencil and that crayon like stuff. Any and all advice is welcome!!
Apr 27, 2011 @ 08:04 pm

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is cheap and good products! Not only can you order online but if you get to Target and some Zellers, they sell some items instore.
Being so cheap - $1 and up it isnt a big loss if you try something and hate it. As far as liquid or gel liners it just takes practice and more practise.

If I see a look I want to try I wont test it out on a day when I have things to do because if you screw up, taking off and reapplying is a pain. I just wait for a night Im staying at home and go crazy. I'll try one eye in certain shadows, the other done differently, maybe try different colour of liners etc. Other than my husband seeing me look like a clown - no big deal, and I learn what colours work or not and what I do or dont like. Youtube has some cool makeup tutorials - there's even this great guy that does fabulous step by step applications. Just go through the search bar.

I still need help with flase lashes though. Darn things never stay and dont conform to my eyelids. grr.
Apr 27, 2011 @ 08:17 pm

my quite long 2 cents

Welcome to the bright world of makeup madness ;-)

Your routine: foundation, eyeliner and mascara: sounds good. Add a bit of blush, and a brightening eyeshadow (something peachy gold if you're fair/medium, or gold/bronze if you're darker) and you'll see a huge difference! A pop of colour on the lips never hurt anyone. Be sure to chose something that compliments you. I think two shades of lipstick is a must. A peachy beige shade and a bright red shade.

Also, when you say eyeliner, what do you mean? I have a friend who wears thick green eyeliner under her waterline (bottom).... not too flattering, right? I'm waiting for the day she lets me give her a makeover.

Eyeliner: Liquid vs Pencil vs Gel?
Depends on what sort of look you're going for.

Pencil: I find kohl pencils are great if you want a smudged smokey look. They're also easier to apply on the lower waterline, under the waterline, and when you're tight lining (lining the top waterline, under the top lashes).

Liquid: gives a glossy polished finish. Imagine, a porcelain doll like face, slight blushing cheeks, glossy bold black eyeliner and a bright lipstick. Liquids also tend to stay on longer without smudging. I only use liquid on my eyelid, I don't use it to line my waterlines.

Gel: When liquid marries pencil, they make a gel. Really. It looks brighter than a pencil but softer than a liquid. You can use the brush to apply it on your upper and lower lashes. Can tight-line and line your waterline with it too. You can even use it as a eyeshadow base, but that, do at own risk and with lots of practice. I usually use gel when I want the non-smudging staying power of a liquid, but with a more softer less glossy look.

If you feel comfortable buying off the internet then the Costal Scents or BHCosmetics eyeshadow palettes are good. You get a ton of eyeshadow in every shade imaginable. It's perfect for when you're just starting out, and it's very cheap. As Guppy mentioned, Elf is awesome too!! Their website is very cool, you get to read customer reviews on every product as you click on it. If you're like me and you don't trust the internet with your credit card, then save up and get the Sephora palette. Again, 180 eye shadows (among other things like eyeliner, lipstick, blushes, gels, etc.), awesome quality at a relatively low price.

You're actually entering the makeup world at an awesome time. No longer are pigments and good quality only for the overpriced non-drugstore makeups. Now you can pop into Shoppers Drugmart (or Wallmart, or Zellers, etc) and pickup really awesome, everything! The best part is, most have testers so you can test the stuff on yourself as you stand there and see what suits you. Want even better? You can buy the stuff, go home and try it out, and if after a few days you realize it's not for you, then simply bring the item back with the receipt within 30days for a refund. That is most stores. Don't quote me, but check with the cashier and make sure.

The thing with makeup is everything works for everyone, or nothing works for anyone. What I'm trying to say is, you need to experiment. Regardless of your skin colour and face / eyes, etc. shape, you can wear every colour, but you need to experiment and figure out which way suits you best. My eyeliner friend for instance. If I was doing her makeup, I would use those bright green colours on her top lid. So colours and makeup stays the same, how you use it depends on what looks good on you.

Experiment experiment experiment!! And have fun :-)
Apr 28, 2011 @ 05:39 pm


Those are really good suggestions. I have never heard of Zellers, though, is that Canadian? To answer Becky's question I use black eyeliner on my top lid and my waterline with loads of black mascara. I've never tried lipstick out in public, I'm more of a gloss girl. I would prefer to use more natural colors and save the red for when I have the cajones to wear it without looking like a clown. I have experimented, and a little while ago I managed to do my first smoky eye without looking riduculous. I need more looks for school honestly, and ways to add some more drama to my look for after school
Apr 28, 2011 @ 07:49 pm


There are always good makeup palettes that can help you sort of learn how to use makeup! I always liked the brown, bohemian look, but you can try new things! for cheap products, I agree that ELF has super cheap products, but they're not very pigmented, meaning they usually lack the colour they promise on your face....
I've always liked NYX products, which are fairly cheap, a little more expensive than ELF however...but they have a wider range of eyeshadows, and palettes!
May 02, 2011 @ 09:58 am

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