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Makeup Removal


To remove my makeup, I just simply use face wash. It APPEARS to get everything off, but does it? If that method was truly effective, wouldn't everyone just simply wash their face rather than use makeup removing solution/wipes? (as it is cheaper, easier and faster). Do you think washing my face isn't enough?
Feb 28, 2017 @ 08:49 am

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I don't find facial wipes completely deep cleans my face and pores, I only use it when I am in a jam or dead tired and cant be bothered, however I pay the price with a breakout if I don't scrub with soap/water at least every 24 hours.

I use Nivea eye makeup remove with out alcohol and pure coconut oil on my eyes.
On my fave I usually use Nivea facial cleanser for oily skin 3x per week, as its a bit harsh with exfoliate and on the other days I was given a facial bar of soap to try from a friend. I always follow up with Nivea Toner, and none of these items dry out my face or make me break out.
Mar 05, 2017 @ 06:48 am


i'm using a cleanser by vichy and it is the best thing i have ever purchased for my skin and make up removal lol
Mar 07, 2017 @ 02:41 am


I only use a makeup remover to remove my eye makeup, specifically to ensure all my mascara gets washed away. I find after cleansing the majority of my makeup has been removed, and using a toner on a cotton pad afterwards wipes away any remaining residue. I should also say I often use the Clinique face brush which I do think does a better job at removing my makeup than just the cleanser itself.
Mar 07, 2017 @ 07:54 am


I use a wipe followed by a facial cleanser. I don't wear foundation, so the majority of the makeup is easily removed. Eye makeup is generally the trickiest, but I've really been enjoying the Simple eye makeup remover I received as part of the Product Review Club on here.
Mar 09, 2017 @ 02:19 am


When I'm too exhausted (or just lazy) I use exfoliating makeup wipes followed by micellar water, then moisturizer.
Most nights I do a full makeup removal / cleansing routine using anywhere from 5 - 10 products and ALWAYS follow up with moisturizer at the bare minimum. But even my nighttime moisturizing routine can consist of a few products (face oil, moisturizer, sleep/ water mask, facial spray). I have super dry skin so anything I use has to add moisture to my face, especially after cleansing, which strips natural oils.
Mar 09, 2017 @ 07:57 am


I also meant to say that I never use soap, especially on my face. It makes my skin so dry, tight & itchy and feels like there's a ton of residue left on my skin. Actually, (very rarely) I will use the charcoal exfoliating bar from Biore. It makes the skin feel tingly. After I use it i still have to use an oil cleanser to add moisture back to the skin. Soap is way too drying for me. I don't even use (bar) soap in the shower. It leaves a gross film on my body - I hate it! I only use moisturizing shower gel with oils.
Soap also stings my eyes! <------- big baby
Mar 09, 2017 @ 08:09 am

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