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Makeup - Why do people...


Something that really irks me and can't wrap my head around is when people open makeup that is meant for sale and swirl their fingers in the product. What a nuisance.. seriously! I was in the RCSS yesterday, saw a lady unloading a whole bunch of Essence Cosmetics, the next day (today) I go to see what was the new stock. I have been putting my eye on their new highlighter. I bought it from SDM but noticed someone swirled their fingers in it so I returned it. I personally think it's unhygienic and you are not getting the product 100% in whole. 

Last week when I was at a NYX boutique, I noticed there was a basket that had items such as eyeshadow sticks etc for 50% off, I was interested until I saw the lady beside me opening them and swatching it all over her hand. 

I understand that we get curious to know the consistency, see the colour on their skin tone etc.. but that is why there are testers and if there aren't, you inquire an employee about the product.

No one wants to buy makeup that has been smothered by the fingers of strangers! It's just unsanitary. 

why do people open makeup and have to spoil the product for others when there is a tester right in front of them? Darn, those people suck. :(
Aug 26, 2016 @ 01:34 pm

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I know what you mean! I actually refuse to buy products now unless I see that they have some sort of seal or packaging on them, that way I can tell if they've been tampered with. The Essence cosmetics at my local Shoppers have absolutely nothing to stop anyone from digging their fingers into every single item. I don't know what's been touched and what hasn't, and if something is going on my face, you best believe I want a brand new product.
Aug 26, 2016 @ 03:41 pm


Thank god someone knows the feeling! All of Essence Cosmetics packaging have no sealed closing on it so it gives people more temptation to open them despite that there are pull out drawers at their section to test the makeup?? I am reluctant to buy something that doesn't have a sealed packaging as well. I don't know where peoples hands have been and I sure don't want their hand-particles, dirt and bacteria on my face.

I thought to myself that the ones at RCSS were only put yesterday (today is officially day 1) but nope! people have swirled their grossness in the compact.

Believe it or not, people even have the nerve to open sealed packaging!! I was once at my local walmart and passed by the covergirl section, stared at the testers (I would never ever use them though, the cosmetic aisle at walmart is disgusting) I saw a lipstick with it's packaging ripped open and shoved in the tester hole. Wow.

My sister once saw a lady ripping opening the plastic sealing encased on a lipstick once at Walmart too. Honestly, what is wrong is people??
Aug 26, 2016 @ 04:51 pm


Yep, I've seen open products that aren't testers. I usually see foundations and concealers that are open, I think because people don't see a tester in their colour so they assume it's okay to just open up a sealed product that someone else might want to buy. It's really just rude, especially if you don't even buy it in the end and just put it back :/

I have trouble finding makeup in my shade, but if there's no tester, I ASK if I can test something, and people are usually pretty accomodating. They'll make a new tester for me, rather than me damaging perfectly good makeup.
Aug 26, 2016 @ 07:20 pm


I've seen this done before and refuse to purchase the product if it has been tampered with. Unfortunately, not every brand has samples for customers to test out but that doesn't mean we should open up new products and stick our dirty fingers in them. I think if someone is caught doing this, they should be asked to pay for the product. Not only is it not hygienic, like you said, but it creates a loss for the company and the store in terms of revenue.

I also remember watching a Youtube video about this topic, specifically about using the sample products in drugstores or makeup stores. There are some horror stories out there of people getting nasty infections because the products must have been contaminated with so many germs. They aren't always sanitized, so test them at your own risk. I agree with asking permission to test a product and having the cosmetician handle it, asking her to sanitize the product before use.

Aug 26, 2016 @ 10:19 pm


I couldn't agree anymore! I think its disgusting because who knows what that person has or what they have come into contact with.

The sad truth about testers is that even they get stolen... so often times, there is not tester for that reason.

I feel that places like SDM that have a beauty boutique that their beauty staff should be watching and keeping eye out on things like this.

I was at Sephora the other day, and I saw people literally applying the lipstick right on their lips... it grossed me right out!

This is why i always check the seals and grab the product furthest in the back!
Aug 27, 2016 @ 12:39 am


Despite there being testers, it honestly doesn't stop people from wanting to open makeup that's meant for sale! It really sucks. I totally agree @prettyrainbow! It's a loss of revenue for the company. Yikes, those sound like

I do grab the product that is the furthest back too, it makes me feel a bit more at ease. Once, I really wanted to see if a certain lipstick colour suited me, the tester wasn't beaten up or anything so I wiped it down really, really well (so a few layers are removed). Welp, I used it at my own risk ...but I am still alive!!

I emailed Essence (almost 2 weeks ago?) about the repetitive incident I always encounter when it comes to their products, I didn't receive a response so I asked my sister (a week ago?) if she can private message them on FB and finally yesterday they answered. They are going to send me the highlighter!! They said they wanted to make it up to me so they asked for my shipping details. I am really happy, that's very generous of them :)
Aug 31, 2016 @ 05:36 pm

I agree

@dandy_123 it really annoys me when people do that! Especially if it's something I really want and there is only a few left and they all have finger marks or is opened. It is such poor etiquette. Yes, I refused to buy anything that is opened with finger marks on them.

I agree, it's almost like robbing revenue for the company. There are testers, not sure why people don't try those, instead of opening packages that are for sale.
Aug 31, 2016 @ 05:43 pm


Ive noticed this as well so I always check to make sure the seal is intact when purchasing something. I also have been in SDM and have seen lipsticks/foundations smeared over the display case, some people are just ridiculous.
Aug 31, 2016 @ 05:51 pm


Something visually disturbing is seeing that people have drawn over or splatter makeup all over the Katy Perry Banners in the Covergirl section at Walmart. It's quite immature and silly. I never buy makeup at Walmart though, it's a mess there.
Aug 31, 2016 @ 05:54 pm

Why do people tear packages of Makeup

I was in Winners today and they had my favourite cream in a tub and they was hand prints all through it. They was also a good eye cream and nothing in the box. This is happening all the time at Winners.
Aug 31, 2016 @ 06:00 pm

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