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Man hygiene

Ali de Bold

Someone twitted on twitter today:

"Ladies: If you're wearing sandals make sure your toes are done. Signed, All men around the world."

My first instinct was to twit back that I hope sandal clad men also take note and deal with their gnarly feet!

What do you think? Should more men get manis and pedicures too? How important is his hygiene in that department to you?
Jun 24, 2009 @ 04:42 pm

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if his feet are busted, then HELL YEAH.

men and manicures? i am not a fan of the 'metro-sexual'. i like a clean guy but rough hands are sexy to me (weird? maybe).
Jun 24, 2009 @ 09:26 pm

i agree!

I agreey with meredith ..... i like men to be manly :) However, if he has gross gnarly looking hands and feet, then he should definately do something about it. I guess its a good thing if he takes care of himself, but all the while retaining his 'manliness' and not being too metrosexual.

and as for the comment on twitter - seeing that comment would tick me off too! So it's OK for men to be pot bellied hairy short little things because they're a man and being a man is sufficient for them to have their importance and relevance and worth in society regardless of their appearance. But a woman has to beautify herself before coming out in public? Why? are we lesser than them in any way that we're not worthy of coming out in public unless we dress up, do our hair and nails and face and what not? So is a woman's worth only measured by her appearance? She's privelaged into society if her appearance is good?? urgh!! i hate that!! Ok I know i'm going the extreme, but I'm just following that same sentence into the extremes... Don't get me wrong, I love doing my hair, face, what not, and dressing up. But I don't like being made to feel that if I don't do it then i'm somehow less of a being, or not worthy, or in any way "less". I guess, as a woman, I want the choice to be as I please, look as I please, and still be accepted by those that are important to me.
Jun 25, 2009 @ 12:50 am

one more thing...

also i would like to say that if a man is going to tweet about my feet, then he can pay for my pedicures every week. thank you. :)
Jun 25, 2009 @ 08:47 am

Here Here!

Yes, Meredith, if a guy wants me polished, he can pay for it! I once had a boyfriend tell me he liked how I looked when I had my hair professionally straightened, and should do it often - I told him I would if he paid for it! I don't think they realize these things actually cost money.

I don't do my toes. Sorry men. Neither my hands. And it's never really been a problem.

I have to agree, I like a manly man. Clean yes, polished up like a girl, no. My guy clips his nails and keeps them clean and that is good enough for me. I am not a girly girl (except when it comes to mascara and eyeshadow), and for a guy to pay more attention to his hands, nails, skin, etc than i do would make me feel like I am not feminine enough. And I like being the woman in the relationship!

However, pedicures feel sooo good. If my guy wanted one because it feels good, then sure, go for. But I draw the line at polishing the nails...
Jun 25, 2009 @ 11:37 am

I like the metro man

I know most women like the rough-handed burly men with the chest hair and beards but my boyfriend and I are both very conscious of our personal hygiene. He dislikes body hair and rough hands just as much (maybe even more) than I do. I think he shaves more than me! I know he gets a personal satisfaction out of lotioning his feet and hands and making sure he puts as much into himself as he does me and it makes me feel girly and giddy to show off my handsome man.

I also agree that if a man has the time to complain about a woman getting her toes done then he has the time to take the woman out to get primped up. Sometimes if I am lagging on getting my nails done or if it is time for a hair appointment my man will surprise me with a gift card to a fancy salon.

To me no matter if you have a burly man or a metro man, I think what matters most is how you feel when you are with that person. As long as you feel as comfortable and sexy and strong as you are then mani, pedi or not it doesn't matter. You're still hot and he knows it.
Jun 28, 2009 @ 02:06 am

Sandal clad feet make me twitch...almost

Let me break it down this way: If your nails are yellow or at the edge of turning green, do yourself and the world a favor. DO NOT PUT THOSE OPEN TOE shoes/sandals/mandals on. For the love of the universe.

I cannot stand to see men or women with toes that resemble Frodo's feet (from Lord Of The Ring, just google them). It's simple courtesy, to make sure your feet look normal before putting on exposing shoes.

If you're still not convinced, think of it this way: would you put on a tiny tank top with your armpits undone? shorts with your legs being hairy? No? Okay then, same goes for shoes.

Men might not have to get manicures but they do have to snip snip snip that extra nail mileage out.

Jun 30, 2009 @ 01:12 pm

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