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moisterizing on a muggy humid day


We've had a really humid and muggy summer. Often at night, I am happy to wash my face and tone, but when it came to moisterizing, I just couldn't do it. I know it's not good to leave out the moisterizer but my moisterizer (which is usually great for summer) feels too heavy when the air is so humid. Does anyone have any good suggestion for moisterizing without having to spend a lot of $$ on a new moisterizer?

Right now, I'm using the Shiseido Skincare lotion, the lightest version of it.


Sep 08, 2007 @ 01:15 pm

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H2O Face Oasis

I have really oily skin, so even if it's not muggy or humid, I have to use a really light but still moisturizer on my face. I find that the H2O Face Oasis Hydrating Gel works best. It's oil free, but it really hydrates. You get this pleasant cooling effect when you put it on - it really feels like you've given your skin a glass of water to drink! If you want something a bit more moisturizing, there's the Night Oasis rejuvenating gel from the same line. Both are about $40 to $45CAN for 50mL, which lasts about 2 months. A bonus is that it comes in this cute ice-blue jar. Below is a link to the H2O website:

good luck with your search,
Sep 08, 2007 @ 02:46 pm
Ali de Bold

skip the moisturizer

BB, I'm in the same boat as you - except I've had totally horrendous skin all summer. I realized that when I stopped putting moisturizer on I had less breakouts and whiteheads (those little white things trapped under your skin, not zits that are about to blow).

In the past my dermatologist has recommended I skip the moisturizer when the weather is really muggy as those of us with oily skin really don't need the extra layer of moisture, which actually traps dirt and grime. Instead, I use a little eyecream and a tiny bit of spf if I'm going outside or nothing at all. I find I don't need the moisturizer and my forehead is less oily.

In any other season though, I would never skip the moisturizer.
Sep 08, 2007 @ 06:41 pm

Oily Skin!

I have oily skin too! What I can tell you is that when I moisturize, I have to make sure that it is oil free. I also always use an SPF, because you really shouldn't go out in the sun without it.

My skin is weird, and when I don't moisturize it (even in the summer) it gets really tight, like it is being stretched all over my face!

I use Neutrogena moisture with an SPF 15, or Pro-Active Oil Free Lotion with SPF 15 (although I really know that it should be higher for the summer). Those both work really well for me. And they're not that expensive too!
Sep 08, 2007 @ 07:01 pm

my mom's fix

My mom only washes with water in the summer, unless her face is actually dirty from makeup or working in the garden. Soap and cleansers strip the skin's natural oils, so you might want to try using just the bare minimum or not at all. I used to wash at morning and night, but now I only rinse in the morning during the summer (with a proper cleanse in evening). Your skin might feel a little tight for a half-hour, but the natural oils will quickly compensate. It's worth a try, and it definitely costs less! :-)

btw, if you have hard well water, this might not work for you as it's harsher than city water...
Sep 09, 2007 @ 08:45 am

Also, no serum!

I have to agree with the others on not using moisturizer in the super oily areas of the face like the T-zone. I rarely do put the moisturizer I've mentioned above there, but I find that the cheeks and "the laughline area" do need something.
Also, I went in for a summer facial early July and the esthetician suggested that I should use a serum on my t-zone since it was getting a bit dry. Her logic was that it will help the skin retain moisture while not adding an oil to the area. So, I listened and bought this ridiculously expensive collagen serum. It feels really light when I first put it on, but wait 30 minutes and I was so oily, you can see your reflection on my face. So, if anything, never use a serum! I guess I should have asked for a sample before plunging into any skincare product.
Sep 09, 2007 @ 09:44 am
Scents Of Peace

Try a little honey . . .

I live in Florida where you can breath and swim at the same time there's so much dampness in the air. So I know about humidity ! You may think I'm crazy, but try a little bit of honey to wash your face. Once water hits it, it is not sticky at all and quickly dissipates. You can add other ingredients like oats, baking soda, powdered herbs, etc. to give it texture if you want.

Honey is a natural humectant (draws moisture to your skin) that is also antibacterial for those suffering from problem skin. The honey will draw environmental moisture to your skin in the healthiest of ways - and it's cheaper. Besides, it's safe to use around the lips !!!

I NEVER USE COMMERCIAL SOAP - EVER ! Your skin has to do double-time to replace what soap depletes. Firstly, most commercial soaps are actually detergents. Ever held a handful of powdered laundry detergent in a closed hand ???? Although I make my own olive oil and sheep's milk soap from scratch, I use it as bath soap and not on my face. My husband and friends use it all over, but that's them; I have overly sensitive skin.

Try the honey. I even use it to remove make-up, the honey that is, but most of the time I just use water. Most people do not think I am as "old" as I am and comment on my skin all the time. And for the record, I teach natural skin care at our community college . . .

Sep 09, 2007 @ 03:52 pm

Thanks for all the great tips!

Wow...I had actually forgotten about this post until this morning and I can't believe how many great tips I've gotten. Thanks a lot, girls!! :D

I actually have combination skin to the extreme. My T-zone is very oily and break out often but my cheeks are really dry. So for those who suggests not to use moisterizer, would you recommend just applying a little bit on the cheeks (and nothing on the t-zone)? Also, if you don't use moisterizer, do you still tone?

Question for Scents of Peace: Do you dilute the honey with water before using it to wash your face? If so, how much do you dilute? Or do you use the honey as it is and then rinse with water?
Sep 11, 2007 @ 12:09 pm
Ali de Bold

Yes and Yes :)

It sounds like I have the same issues as you. I use eye cream and moisturize my cheeks but leave the tzone and chin bare as I have terrible skin right now and find the moisturizer makes it worse.

I've tried the honey trick before and Scents is right - it works! Which reminds me I should start doing that again.
Sep 11, 2007 @ 12:22 pm

Diet matters too!

I've been having a terrible time with my t-zone lately too! And even though I haven't changed my skincare routine at all - cleanse, tone, a little bit of proactiv repairing lotion on the t-zone & moisturizer on cheeks & eyes - I've been breaking out like crazy on my chin. And I haven't had that much problems since high school!

Which brings me to suspect that it has to do with my diet. The culprit maybe coffee and spicy foods. In Chinese herbal medicine, doctors believe that caffeine and spicy foods promote sebum production and acts as irritants to the skin. Two common remedies are chrysanthemum tea and ginseng tea, which both come in the form of tea bags now. I like to add a bit of honey for taste. As for moisturizing, I've read that tofu/soy help to add suppleness to the skin. Vitamins, fruits, veggies and whole grains also help keep skin soft, glowing & young. Check out this article I found from cityline:


Sep 11, 2007 @ 01:37 pm
Scents Of Peace

Clarification :

It's best to pretty much use the honey straight because the moment water hits it -- it dissolves and escapes between your fingers and down the drain.

I just kinda spread it on my T-zone, THEN moisten my fingers and work it around from there. Trust me on this; it's only sticky for a second !

If you need to restore your skin's sebum level, olive oil makes a wonderful moisturizer and jojoba (actually a wax) is nearly identical to our skin's natural composition. Tofu and soy are natural phtyoestrogens and ginsing is also a hormone regulator. Ayurveda agrees with Chinese herbals on the issue of spicy foods (depending on other factors), by setting your metabolism in overdrive and bringing toxins to the surface.

Try washing you face with honey after a good sweat when your pores are open too !

AND - get plenty of rest ! For me, on night's I stay up late (read the time stamp on most of my rants and you'll see what I mean), my skin seems to be a wasteland the next day.
Sep 15, 2007 @ 03:38 am

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