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MUFE "HD Not Retouched" MUSE


Hey girls,

I came across this contest to be the muse of Makeup Forever.  I believe this was held last year so I know I'm late but I just came across it and thought it was interesting. 

Basically about 7000 girls of all ages applied.  They narrowed it down to 1 and that one is the face or "muse" as they call it of Makeup Forever. 

I'm watching the episodes which you can also watch here  I'm a bit confused on how I feel about this.   They are looking for the girl with the perfect skin, symmetrical features, etc. They explain throughout the series exactly what they're looking for and and that is a girl with immaculate skin, big eyes, proportionate, symmetrical features.  

Their big message in this is that the chosen one won't have any retouched photos.  Whatever she looks like with makeup will be thanks to MUFE HD, no photoshop no retouching.  The whole thing about retouching pics is it gives young girls the wrong impression about what beauty is and body image. 

They're looking for a girl with the most immaculate skin and perfect features.  Basically a girl who doesn't really need HD makeup, right?  So the MUFE muse's picture won't be retouched... but she's already perfect.  Does that even help the cause or make it worse for girls out there suffering from body (incl face) dysmorphia?  

Does that make sense to you ladies?  So.... what's the message here?  Use Makeup Forever HD if you're already perfect?

I don't know perhaps its my evil twin talking here but I think this is a pretty stupid idea.  If owned MUFE I wouldn't have one MUFE muse.  I would have several MUFE muses and I would choose girls not only of different culture and colourings, but also different skin types, skin needs, etc.  I would show the public that anyone can benefit from using MUFE. 

What are your thoughts? 
Jan 14, 2013 @ 02:54 pm

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I heard about this awhile ago, and I was really confused about it too. I understand the concept about wanting someone to model as "untouched", etc - But I think it's almost cheating to go out and find a "perfect" person to do this.. Wouldn't you want someone who looks natural, and that you can kind of tell there was no retouching done? I don't really get the concept.
Jan 14, 2013 @ 05:42 pm

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