Must-Have Brands for an Online Skincare Company


Hey girls,

I'm helping a friend who's setting up a new online business that sells makeup/skincare products at really good prices. She's kind of stuck on what brands she should be carrying though. So I figured i'd help out by asking you all!

So, if a new online store opened up, what brands would you like to see them carry?

(All suggestions welcome - she's going to start with a US market, but has plans to tap into the Canadian market once she has a bit of profit, since she'd need way more money to do that right now, with shipping & customs being what they are. I saw the other thread about not being able to get that many brands in Canada and told her, so she's excited that there's a demand, but at this point she can't afford it!)

Also, anything else you would look for in an online skincare company?
Feb 21, 2013 @ 07:32 pm

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Good service.

Personally, I really like Too Faced, Urban Decay and MAC products - and I would absolutely love to find them at a discounted price. Also, great shipping rates would be a blessing!

Feb 25, 2013 @ 07:55 pm

Organic makeup, skintone swatches

Neat initiative. If I was shopping for makeup online these are a few key brands I'd like to see:

(1) Josie maran
(2) Vapour Organic Beauty
(3) Benefit
(2) Two Faced
(3) Sugarpill Cosmetics (if possible! I know they're a quirky brand!)

Other things
(1) If possible have colour swatches against skintones, instead of white backgrounds. This will help the online shopper get a more realistic understanding of how the colours will look. Sometimes I am skeptical of purchasing makeup online because I am not sure how it will look on me!

(2) Have solid return policies! Always a winner with online stores.

Good luck to you and your friend!
Mar 13, 2013 @ 08:08 pm

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