My hair won't stop breaking!!!!


I`ve been dying my hair blonde since I was a teen and have always had really really long straight hair.  However, about 1.5 years ago, I got a `trim` and the stylist chopped off so much of my hair and in a terrible short, uneven layers (front half is chin length and shorter, back is mid shoulder).  Now, 1.5 years later and it still looks the same length the day it was cut.  At first I thought it just wasn`t growing, but I`ve realized that my hair is breaking off.  If I brush it or run my fingers through, about 1 inch pieces fall out.  I`m desperate to get this fixed!!  I haven`t had my picture taken all this time because I can`t style it any way.  Can`t wear it all down, and can`t put it in a pony tail.

I`ve spent a fortune on different shampoo`s and treatments but nothing is helping.  Any ideas
Jul 04, 2012 @ 03:56 pm

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That's terrible!

I've never really heard of anything like this before and can't understand the cause of your problem (which would be helpful). Putting myself in your shoes I can imagine how miserable this must be for you! As a teenager my hair is my pride and glory and I take great pride in caring for it.
It sounds like your hair is in need of some super hydrating, intense moisture. I'd recommend switching to a moisture rich shampoo and conditioner if you haven't already. Dove is AMAZING and I swear by it.
Try not to wash your hair unless it is absolutely necessary -- allow it to produce its own natural oils.
This moisture this is a little different for you, because as a straight haired girl, it's easier for oils to travel down your hair.
For an at home remedy, you could try conditioning with olive oil. Warm it between your palms and massage it gently into your hair. Put a disposable shower cap on and sleep in this, do some housework, etc. The longer its on, the better.
Avocadoes are also known for the moisturizing properties. Here are a couple videos you might find helpful:
A store bought mask you can try is the Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Masque:
I have this & like it a lot. (My own review is yet to come.. Lol).

The health of your body on the outside is a crystal clear image of the health of your body on the inside. So of course you know that I'm going to tell you that a proper diet and lots of water is beyond important.

Nature's Bounty makes a supplement called "Hair, Skin, & Nails" which are larger vitamins that you must take three times a day. This is sort of annoying and a pain to remember, but they really do work if you take them as directed. (Failure to follow the directions will give no results & is a waste of time -- it's all or nothing with these vits).

A few or all of these things combined should certainly help to improve your hair if you're really dedicated to it. If you continue to have problems with your hair, I think you should see a doctor, so that he/she can give you proper medical attention if it's necessary. It could be something so minor, but you never know & it's better not to risk.

All the luck in the world! x

Jul 05, 2012 @ 12:02 pm

Remedies to stop hair breakage

You can get rid of hair breakage by applying some home remedies like mixing egg yolk with 2 tbsp of olive oil together. Mix the ingredients properly and wet your hair. Apply the mixture on your hair and don't let to apply it on your scalp. leave it for some time and shampoo your hair as usual. This is on of the simple therapy to avoid hair breakage.

Jul 12, 2012 @ 12:29 am


Oh gosh. I get really scared when people talk about the home remedy of putting egg in your hair and they don't mention this: (hopefully you haven't done this yet)
WHEN YOU PUT EGG IN YOUR HAIR. RINSE WITH COLD WATER. If you rinse it out with hot water, it will cook into your hair and then it will be a nightmare to get out.

Also I agree, I do recommend taking vitamins like Hair, Skin, Nails. Or Biotin and not washing your hair as much. Also you might want to stop shampooing your hair. Conditioner cleans your hair just as well and Shampoo just tends to dry it out which leads to breakage, if no shampoo is too big of a step, try shampooing less and less and using smaller amounts and you will notice a difference.
Jul 12, 2012 @ 04:22 pm
Ali de Bold

Ask a professional

Though there are some great tips from the others on helping with minor damage, my recommendation would be that you go to a good salon and get a consult with the owner. It could be the colour that is causing all of the damage and you may need to either stop for a bit or switch to different products. Also there are treatments that can be done at the salon. It is worth the investment since you say it's so bad you can't style it. The haircut isn't the issue, in fact it's good for your hair to trim it often. It may have been doing this all along but because it was long you didn't notice it. A good stylish should at least be able to give you a manageable style and a game plan for healthier hair. Good luck!
Jul 12, 2012 @ 08:57 pm

BC pills

Do you tae any birth control pills?
I remember a few years ago I switched from my usual brand to another one, and my hair did not agree with it. I didn't realize what was wrong until a month later, and by then my hair was very weak and falling out a lot more then usual. After I switched back to old bc pills, my hair went back to normal as well.
If its not the shampoos you are using, check the side effects on any medication you are on or anything else you consume that could be having a negative effect.
The only treatment I ever recommend to anyone is Oscar Blandi hair mask. I have 5 jars of this stuff at home because I use only this to keep my hair in good condition.
Jul 13, 2012 @ 01:15 am


My hair fell out like CRAZY (I think i posted on here many times about that too). Then I discovered Silica Gel.

Amazing stuff. Pricy but worth it. I only took it for a month and my hair stopped falling out / breaking within a week. I ran out but I'm going to go buy some more first chance I get.

Good luck!
Jul 26, 2012 @ 07:38 pm

Ask an expert.

Maybe you should ask an expert about it? I'd even try your family doctor. Maybe you have a chemical imbalance going on within your body, which is making your hair fragile. If that doesn't work, then I would try doing some of the home made treatments, etc.
Jan 30, 2013 @ 11:38 am

Agree, ask an expert...

You may be wary going anywhere since your "horror cut" day! but if you go to a good salon they should be able to tell you exactly what's happening. My suggestion is try to stop using the blowdryer/straightener or whatever as it will only damage your hair more, and invest in a good shampoo and conditioner as well as a product like silica gel or a hot oil treatment that will help repair your ends.

Another big thing is (and you're going to hate to hear this!) but you're probably going to need to get it cut again. Once the ends of your hair are damaged, they will split up the entire shaft of hair, and that's what seems to be happening with you. You need to cut the strand above the damage, so the healthy ends can grow and they won't break off. But if you refuse to get it cut, the damaged ends will keep breaking off and leaving more damaged ends behind. Terrible cycle! (that's why people always say "you need to cut your hair for it to grow faster" .... it's growing the same rate out of your head, but your ends will break and fall off if they're broken, leaving you with stunted overall length).

So be brave and rock a shorter style for a while, it'll grow back eventually if you take the right steps. Good luck!
Jan 31, 2013 @ 02:11 pm

Nice tips

These are some really great pointers! You have a great combination of products as well as natural remedies.

Thanks :)
May 19, 2013 @ 11:29 pm

Deficiency of vitamin

This may be a deficiency of a vitamin. So consult with dermatologist and get a proper treatment. You can also try some home remedies like :
1) Take a hair massage with oils like argon oil, mixture of oilve oil and coconut oil, mixture of castor oil, almond oil and coconut oil.
2) Take steam.
3) Apply some hair packs of herbs.
May 21, 2013 @ 04:50 am

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