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on Feb 01, 2015 @ 07:27 am

Good morning to all you lovely Chicks.I have a problem and was wondering if any of you could help or, give me some points to help me with my Finger Nails.Problem,my nails are always cracking,splitting or chipping.I have tried everything I can think of.I have used every Sally Hansen product out there to harden my nails and stop them from chipping but,nothing works.I can't grow my nails very long because they are always breaking.Even when I put my hands in my Purse for anything,I'm bound to chip a nail.I know they are very soft in texture and I think that is the problem.I am always clipping my nail to try and keep them even.Maybe one of you Chicks can let me in on a secret to grow long,hard Nails.

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A natural product on Feb 01, 2015 @ 11:05 pm

I was having the same problem! I'm now using brewer's yeast. It's good for nails, hair and skin. I think you're supposed to use it for 2 months before you start noticing some results. I'm using it since two weeks. Type ''brewer's yeast nails'' on Google or whatever to inform yourself about it! Hope it will solve your problem. (sorry for my bad English, I'm from Quebec and I speak french. xx

A couple of things... on Feb 02, 2015 @ 11:39 am

I used to have this problem, so I'll share with you what fixed it for me!

For one, make sure the nail polish remover that you use is acetone-free because it dries out your nails TERRIBLY. So make the switch! It's harder to find, but definitely worth it. I minimize my contact with harsh soaps and chemicals, so all my house soaps and dishwashing soaps are natural, and a lot gentler on the skin and nails. Product wise, I love the cuticle nail oil from the "Premier" line by 'Dead Sea Premier,' because you have to make sure that your nail bed doesn't dry out or else your nails will be too.

Also, a sign of brittle nails is a lack of calcium, which actually turned out to be the largest issue for me as I don't intake any dairy products, so making sure I get calcium other ways really helped strengthen my nails. If you have that issue, make sure you are getting an adequate amount of calcium. 

Hope that helps!

Brittle nails on Feb 02, 2015 @ 09:12 pm

Have you had your thyroid checked? I have hypothyroidism and now my nails are so bad. They use to be so long and would grow at nothing.

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