Need Advice on Nail Hardner

on Jul 10, 2016 @ 10:51 am

Hi Ladies! I work in a hospital and wash hands so many times a day at home and work. Nails get to a certain point then break. They have fine lines and very brittle. I have used a Sally Hansen nail Hardner and recently been using one called Million Nails by Essie (from Walmart). Do any of you have one you use that works? Thanks in advance.

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.... on Jul 10, 2016 @ 12:20 pm

I can't give you advice on nail hardeners because i use the same one as you.But I put lukewarm unflavoured gelatin in a bowl and soak my nails in that. it helps to make nails stronger.

:) on Jul 10, 2016 @ 02:28 pm

From one health care worker to another...Sally Hansen Nail Rehab. It is the only product that I found that works. My hands and nails took a huge hit when I started working in healthcare, my nails were splitting, and skin on my hands so dry. My nails are back to pre HC work. For the hands..yes the hand sanitizer is killer, I lather my hands with Kiehls Intensive treatment and throw on a pair of latex gloves overnight. Hope this helps.

. on Jul 10, 2016 @ 02:40 pm

O.P.I's Nail Envy is the one I've used for years and I've been very pleased with the results.

:) on Jul 10, 2016 @ 07:08 pm

I am an Aesthetician and I also work in Cosmetics at Shoppers so I have customers/clients come in with this problem all the time!
The best product I've personally use and have also received the best reviews have been OPI Nail Envy. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase it in Shoppers or Walmart but it is available at Sally's, The Bay or through your Aesthetician. Sally Hansen is good but I don't think it does much for more "severe" cases of dry, brittle nails.
I'd also recommend using a cuticle oil at night, it helps to add a little bit of extra hydration to your nails. I like the Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil product, it smells great and doesn't leave your nails feeling oily or sticky. You could apply a hand cream over it as well, but that may feel like too much product at a time so I would just apply the oil if so.

on Jul 10, 2016 @ 09:13 pm

i have a similar problem to you. brittle nails that peel, flake and break so easily. I find that using any kind of nail hardener does not help with this problem. trust me i have tried them all! such a waste of money. Making your nails harder, just makes it easier for them to snap off when you bang them on something. I find using nail/cuticle oils and balms actually help. Having softer nails helps prevent breakage. If you are to bang your nail against something, it will bend rather than snap off!

. on Jul 11, 2016 @ 05:03 am

Thanks ladies this helps!

Advice on Nail Hardner on Jul 11, 2016 @ 08:20 am

Hey,thanks for the tip on Nail Hardner.I have very brittle nails,just look at them and they crack,makes it so hard for them to grow.I'll check it out.

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