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Need help with MUFE and MAC

looking good

I have searched the internet with no real results so this is my last chance. Hopefully someone in here can help me. In my searching, I have seen that many women love MUFE and MAC. Is this for cimema or glamor shots or for normal natural looking make-up? I live 200 miles from the nearest MAC retail shop and 500 miles to the nearest MUFE retail shop. I have found the shades in both, but how does one choose? What happened to Natural Beige? I have used Este Lauder's Fresh Air in Natural Beige for years. I would like to try the liquid velvet? make-up in MUFE and the "cream" that looks like a compact in MAC. Most of the eye shaddows in both look to "bright", I don't want to look like a clown. I was some coverage since I'm not 30 anymore. I like a "matte" look. I see a "chat" box on MAC but I'm not having much luck. The Artist? asked me to look at my wrist and tell her if it looked more "blue" or "green"? I've heard of blue and yellow undertones but "green"????? It would scare me to death. I'd like to try both kinds. As far as MUFE, forget getting help. I can't find a phone number or anyone who can help. I saw the shades and one looks too, too light and most look to dark. Also, do they carry a skin care line? Everyone loves one or the other, or both. However, no one is willing to write me more than 4 lines back about either product. I want a change, but a good change. Someone out there please help me. I know there is a great deal to know abt. both lines but I'm willing to listen. Please educate me, please. If you answer me, do you mind if I still have questions? I will be willing to help someone out about something else if I can. I have no problem with it. I joined this site for help and hope posting a thread will put it out there. Remember, I want a matte look with natural shaddows. Am I looking at the wrong products? These are supposed to stay on longer and look more natural. Thank you so much.

Oct 22, 2009 @ 08:44 pm

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make-up junkie

I'm here to help! :)

Hi looking-good! Wow, it seems like you have quite the dilemma! MUFE and MAC are highly used in the fashion/beauty industry but they are also consumer friendly. Finding the right shades on line are always tough especially when looking for the right foundation colour. If you are interested in MUFE and MAC I would inquire to see if they can send mini samples for you to try. It may be hard to describe what your skin tone is like but if the "green" or "blue" tone reference is too confusing, visit a local makeup counter in your area to ask them if they can assess your skin tone. "Blue" means you are cool and "green" means you have warm undertones.

Both MUFE and MAC carry skin care lines. I've never tried MUFE but I used to work at MAC and have tried all of them. If you do have sensitive skin, I found a few of their moisturizers did make my skin a little irritated. I love their wipes but I did also find it may some skin irritated. If you are really interested, I'd recommend asking for samples.

If you're looking to stay away from too bright or sparkly makeup, I find Bobbi Brown has a great selection for women that want a polished look. They carry a variety of textures and offer really great neutrals. They are also easy to work with, buildable colour, and long-lasting. They are a bit pricier than MAC and MUFE however so it also depends on your price point. I also think they offer an online customer service online chat that you can use if you have questions.

I hope that helps and if you have any other questions, don't feel bad about asking! :)

Oct 23, 2009 @ 01:10 pm

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