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No Makeup Selfies?


So, I don't know about you guys but my fb feed has been filled with no makeup selfies lately and some lovely ladies tagging friends to do the same. 

Most of these photos have been inspirational and refreshing amongst the photos of party pics of perfectly made up ladies but I recently came across this article giving a different view. Basically, the author points out that these photos are all self serving. 

I don't know how I feel about the no makeup selfies yet. Though, my bottom line is: if it makes you happy, do it. If you feel like showing off your bare face then by all means, do it, if you feel like showing off your new eye makeup, then go ahead.

What do you think of the no makeup selfie trend? Would you or have you participated?
Mar 24, 2014 @ 10:29 am

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I think it's a great way to show that beauty isn't just with make up. And it would take confidence to display a picture with no make up. I would do it.
Mar 24, 2014 @ 10:55 pm


Personally, I love seeing my friends post pictures without make-up, showing their natural confidence, and encouraging others to do the same. I think it's good to be validated by people you care about/know and for the right reasons, such as one's natural beauty. As women, and people I guess, there shouldn't be anything wrong with thinking "I look hot today" and posting a picture.
The flip-side of that though, is the people who dress up and take selfies to be validated due to an underlying dissatisfaction with themselves. When one obsesses over how many likes or works hard to get that perfect, sexy angle, the confidence doesn't come from within or from a support system, it comes from superficial ideas about what desirable means in society. So make-up free selfies show the poster and the people seeing the post that it doesn't take make-up or a veneer to be beautiful or confident and I love that. I hope that's what this selfies mean.

The article you posted mentioned that some people do it for breast cancer awareness and I wasn't aware of that from my own Facebook experiences. I agree with the article in that I think no-make-up selfies are self-serving in a positive way, but no-make-up selfies for breast cancer is pretending to serve a cause, while not doing anything to show support for those with breast cancer or raise true awareness. Thanks for posting that article, it was an interesting read!
Mar 25, 2014 @ 02:10 am

I think its good and bad

I think it's AWESOME that women can take pictures without makeup and feel good in their own skin. I think it shows real confidence and sets a good example for others that you don't need to hide behind makeup in order to feel better about yourself.

The reason I think it's not good on the other hand, is because (and this is going to sound TERRIBLE) but not everyone looks good without makeup. For example, sometimes I look like poop, but then I'll have good days where my face looks great without makeup. Anyways, I'm getting a little off subject. What I mean is that there's ALOT of pressure for people to be naturally pretty. All the guys say a woman isn't beautiful if she's not naturally pretty and in reality, everyone has different definitions of pretty, so there are people who really only feel pretty with makeup. I think makeup really does make some people "prettier" but now their getting shamed for relying on makeup to balance out their appearance because the standards are becoming that you need to be naturally pretty and if you're not pretty without makeup, then you're not pretty. I think people can be pretty by their confidence levels. If makeup helps their confidence, I think they should rock it. If they can feel comfortable without makeup, then rock a bare face too! I think society should look up to both because everyone is pretty, we all just have different ways of being pretty. But I agree with what you said, If you like to do it, go for it! :)
Mar 25, 2014 @ 08:49 am


I agree with you, hellowoman, and think that people who don't wear makeup tend to have a "holier than thou" kind of attitude towards people who do instead of letting people do what they want. Not everyone, it's just a trend I see.
Mar 25, 2014 @ 11:04 am

No Make Up Selfies for Cancer?

A friend of mine on FB posted her no makeup selfie to raise awareness for cancer and to be honest, I hadn't actually realised that that was what these selfies were for? Am I out of the loop here? Is that the actual trend?
Mar 25, 2014 @ 11:25 am

Yes, it's about cancer

Correct, that is where the challenge started. I know there is a bit of a backlash on FB right now saying that the movement has basically been derailed and turned into something else, completely diluting the message about cancer.

And at the same time, a lot of people are saying "so you post a picture, how does that help cancer research? Give a donation instead!"

I do agree that "no makeup" as a thing is a bit of a funny gimmick. Some people have features they want to hide for their own reasons (e.g acne) and no one should shame them into posting a bare face saying you're shallow if you don't. And there are a lot of very fortunate women who look flawless without a stitch of product on their faces, so again I would have to say "how is this really helping?"

I do like that people are trying to think outside the box. We're all familiar with the marathons and other cancer support drives, so this is a little different.
Mar 25, 2014 @ 11:34 am

No Make Up - Make Up

My fb feed has been flooded as well, but you can tell for many of them that they actually are still wearing make up (Foundation, eyebrows, eyeliner, etc). If you're gonna post a no make up selfie, do it right...

And now theres the "Cock in a Sock" seflies for testicular cancer..
Mar 25, 2014 @ 06:55 pm


I noticed as well that a lot of the girls I know posting the no make-up selfies are definitely wearing make-up

now the cock in a sock for testicular cancer, are a little more interesting.... lol
Mar 25, 2014 @ 08:59 pm


I don't know how the makeup free selfies are for breast cancer awareness - they are just narcissistic girls posting selfies, looking and receiving tons of compliments. It doesn't show strength, it shows someone posting a photo knowing they will receive tons of praise...very self-serving.
Mar 26, 2014 @ 06:44 pm

UK vs. US

I didn't actually know this but apparently the trend started in the UK and while the ladies were still posting selfies, it was also expected that they make a donation to go along with it. When the trend jumped over to NA, we didn't really get that part, for the most part, it's just no makeup selfies with not even a mention of cancer! Read more about it here.
Mar 27, 2014 @ 10:18 am

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