Non-surgical fat-reduction


Has anyone tried this treatment? It is supposed to be pain free and completely safe.

Here is a quote from a spa that does it:
"An alternative to liposuction, offering a way to reduce general and localized cellulite, body volume due to retention of water and also localized fat areas. This system is highly effective, and has the ability to decrease areas on the body up to 2 cms per session."

The system they are talking about is iThin Weight-Loss system, I think the complicated name for it is Ultra-Cavitation and Tri-polar Radio Frequency. 

I'm sure there are more systems. But the basic idea is non-surgical fat reduction. It sounds too goo to be true! Is it?

What are your thoughts? Experiences?

I've seem a couple of group deals for these treatments and only about a hundred coupons sold. My first reaction is, if it's so great and such a good deal (about $100 for 4 treatments worth $1000) then why isn't a million of them sold!? I must be missing something.
Jun 27, 2012 @ 11:00 am

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