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???? NOT


I just had to submit this; not offence to fans but Jennifer Aniston was named the most beautiful woman in the world???Horrendous choice.
Apr 21, 2016 @ 10:34 am

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I personally disagree. Im not a huge Jennifer Aniston fan but I think she is stunning especially for age 47. She seems like a real person unlike a lot of other fake celebrities. But that is just my opinion! My husband and I had a debate about this last night lol.
Apr 21, 2016 @ 10:38 am


I think she's stunningly beautiful, and a wonderful choice.
Apr 21, 2016 @ 11:04 am


I think she's a beauty! I would love to look like that when I'm almost 50.
Apr 21, 2016 @ 11:09 am

???? NOT-dollysgramma

Sorry I have to dissagree with you on this one. I really think she is a great candidate. I think she is a true beauty inside and out. She always looks stunning, has a lot of class and is also strong. Her beauty from inside just radiates. Her hair, skin, smile and her figure are perfect. Go Jennifer Aniston.
Apr 21, 2016 @ 11:12 am


I think shes gorgeous.
Apr 21, 2016 @ 11:23 am


I know 132524643 people who look like her. She's in fantastic shape and has aged well, but she's NOT beautiful. She's so basic... Common. Even her roles and what not are so plain. I totally agree, but she's probably laughing at us because obviously mor ethan enough people think she is, lol.
Apr 21, 2016 @ 11:35 am


Thanks, I was beginning to wonder. I totally agree with you. There as so many others that could have, and should have been chosen. i do however agree with the girls that think she is beautiful, but in my mind NOT the most beautiful.
Apr 21, 2016 @ 12:23 pm


I laugh and at the same time, am disappointed at these types of announcements. Did they really see every single woman on earth to decide that she is the one that stands out the most from all of them? I think it's a farfetched claim to make. It makes other women feel inferior, especially if they don't/can't match her standards of beauty.

She is definitely a beautiful woman and very fit for her age, I have to agree with that. She also has personal trainers and beauty experts who attend to her every need. Is it really a realistic portrayal of the most beautiful woman in the world?

I don't think any woman or man should be given that title to begin with. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we should celebrate that in each person, not just one.

Apr 21, 2016 @ 01:05 pm


I personally don't think beauty matters and we need to stop selecting people for this rubbish instead of stuff that matters. I totally agree with prettyrainbow.

That being said, I'm all for lifting people up, so go Jen! XD
Apr 21, 2016 @ 03:42 pm


Wonderfully stated
Apr 21, 2016 @ 03:47 pm

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