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Our perceived "flaws" and strengths


We all have our perceived beauty "flaws" that range from just annoying to making us feel ugly to being so overwhelming it keeps us from leaving the house.

Then we have things we feel damn awesome about: maybe you've got some killer legs or a great butt or abs you worked your *** off to get.

So let's share with each other, maybe someone is suffering about the same thing you are (or used to) and thinking something nice about yourself can change your mindset for the day or forever!

I'll start: I hate my belly. Even when I was a size 0 in my late teens I hated that curve of my belly. It would never go perfectly flat and it made me feel so self conscious. Today I would punch that 18 year old me right in the face to knock some sense into her. My belly today is a mess of Tiger stripes on the sides from having two kids and it's not toned or remotely close to being flat. It's very hard to do exercises that will help me lose that tummy fat because 8 years ago when I had a csection I lost the feeling in my stomach and it has never come back. It's like how your cheek feels coming back from the dentist after you've had novacaine. When I do sit ups or other tummy exercises I can't feel a thing - it must be doing something even if I can't feel it but it's so frustrating that I just give up. Eating is not a problem for me - just exercise. So, now, I really hate my fat belly. Grrrrr.

What do I like about me? I like my small, dainty wrists and my eyes. My eyes are what I get most complimented on and it gives me a little boost of confidence.

Ps - I know these are focusing on the physical aspects of ourselves and leaving out our inner beauty but I did that for a reason - some of us feel soooooooooooooo horrible about our outside beauty that we body shame ourselves and this might show us just how badly we are treating ourselves and maybe teach us to be a little kinder to ourselves.
Feb 13, 2016 @ 05:42 am

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My Belly Fat too !

I have belly fat too ! and I hate it !!!! I am a thin women with a belly that sticks out ! It makes me really self concieous ! I do too do the sit ups and I do quite a bit but it is not enough . I had 4 kids ! So it is quite flabby . I try to Watch what I eat but I luv food . When I am at the beach or wearing something that is a little tight I will walk with my tummy tucked as tight as possible .But now I will talk about my good aspects and they are my green eyes that people will make a comment about them and then I forget the rest of my faults .
Feb 13, 2016 @ 06:50 am


I feel for you. I want to burn low rise jeans lol. But wow ! FOUR kids??? That's a lot to be proud of.
I love green eyes! Mine are bluish greyish ( and light green when I cry). Of course, then they're rimmed in red from crying hehe
Feb 13, 2016 @ 08:41 am


There is so many things I don't like about myself I wouldn't know where to start ,but the one thing I do like is my smile ,everyone tells me I have a great smile and that makes me feel good ,I guess I need to learn to love everything about myself after all no one is perfect
Feb 13, 2016 @ 10:37 am
Sandra Ribeiro

Feb 13, 2016

I hate my big busts- I'm a DD 40! Finding a nice and sexy bra or bikini is extremely frustrating. I've been thinking of having a breast reduction but I can't afford it.
I do like my eyes and smile.
I just have to accept my flaws
Feb 13, 2016 @ 10:47 am

Part 2 by tidy

@greekbymarriage I hope I don't sound strange but I looked at your photo profile you are beautiful ! I have a client and she has a belly problem too and she goes to the gym and she told me just sit ups won't do and you have to do alot of Cardio like running

@TLR72 you do have a beautiful smile and a pretty lady

@Sandra , My sister in law had the breast reduction and she said it was amazing because she has no more back problems . My breast are too small though but I did not want to complain about that because I didn't want to sound to superfical . I hate putting on tank tops and bikinis . You too are beautiful . Anyway I hope i did not sound to weird with my compliments .

Feb 13, 2016 @ 11:30 am


@tidy I think that's super nice for you to say all those beautiful things! This is what this forum is for, to share. Although I wish more ppl would chime in. All of these members and it's usually the same group of us who talk. :( WE DON'T BITE, CHICKS!!
@TLR Yout are way too hard on yourself. You're very attractive and you do have a great smile.
@Sandra - I feel you with the breast thing. I'm 34 or 36 DD depending on if it's a front closure or back closure. It gets harder to find something pretty once you're past a c cup imo. Also, is your hair super long? Can't tell if it's your jacket or hair in the pic. You have awesome full lips and really nice eyes.
This has nothing to do with any of your comments but I just have to say I LOVE little flaws like a small space between front teeth. Or really thick (and groomed) eyebrows. I think everyone has something they hate about themselves that others either don't notice or instead they think is beautiful.

Feb 13, 2016 @ 02:25 pm


Thank you ladies for your sweet comments
Feb 13, 2016 @ 05:23 pm


The area I dislike the most is my mid section - hips/thighs/abs. I put the most work into these in my workouts, and I tone up in this area the slowest. It's getting there, but I just want to size down one pants size.

The areas I like the most - my boobs (still perky at 37), skin (I still get carded at least once every few months), and my behind (thank you, Brazilian Butt Lift!).
Feb 13, 2016 @ 07:51 pm


Well... I def. have flaws of my own that im not happy with, one is my teeth. Had braces when I was younger but never took proper care of them so I had them off too soon.. lol But besides that I just tell myself you know what, im happy with myself, I dont care what anyone thinks of me and im fine with that :) We are all beautiful and unique in our own ways, embrace it instead. who gives a f*ck what anyone has to say or what anyone thinks of you, their opinions dont matter! I wish I had an hourglass figure like other girls but in the end im just happy with the body I was blessed with :)
Feb 13, 2016 @ 07:57 pm


@Crystal good for you for being so dedicated to your workouts. Once you reach your goals it will be that much sweeter. Ps - what is a Brazilian butt lift? Whatever it is it sounds like something I need haha.
@Alyssha you have an awesome outlook on body image - good for you! Sometimes it's hard to drown out the voices in our heads or the unrealistic standards the beauty industry shoves down our throats.
Feb 13, 2016 @ 09:03 pm

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