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During a recent visit to a dermatologist (unrelated to this topic), he remarked about my "adult acne". I was horrified, having never suffered from it as a teen and had simply assumed my breakouts were due to a stressful week. I knew these were some of the nastiest zits I have ever had, but acne??

Anyway, was wondering if any of you have used Proactive? Good/bad? I've done all the drugstore brands which work fine for most of my face. It's the jawline that's sporting Mt. Vesuvius & co. right now.
Nov 19, 2007 @ 02:48 pm

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curious, too

No experience here, but would love to hear what others might have to say. I was plagued by teen acne, and at 29, still suffer from a handful of pimples at a time. When will it ever end!?
Nov 19, 2007 @ 02:51 pm

the nurse said....

... "until you die, probably". Great.
Nov 19, 2007 @ 02:56 pm


I always say "I've done my penance - free me from the pimples!" and no one's listening :) I haven't tried Proactiv, but I have really sensitive skin so I have to be careful with what I use. I did try one of the procctiv knockoffs and while it worked quickly - my face soon went scaly. Turns out I can't handle Benzyl Peroxide at all.

You could always try to order a kit (ebay has some deals to be found on these) and give it a try. If all else fails and it doesn't work, I'm sure you'll find you have a curious girlfriend who might beinterested in taking it off your hands.
Nov 19, 2007 @ 03:11 pm


A friend of mine got married a year and a half ago and gave proactiv a try and said that she really liked it except at first she felt as though the product peeled the first layer of her skin off but once that had occurred she had no problems with it. She has combination skin and thought that the product worked well after the initial first try. The one caution she told me though is that her dermatologist asked her if she was going to try to conceive anytime soon (as in within a few months of using the product). She was not going to try to have kids until a year later so she was fine to use it.

Anyway, the dermatologist warned her to the continuous use of proactiv solution can cause birth defects in male children if you use this product when you are planning to conceive. SCARY! Anyway, because of that comment I have never tried the product although I have to say before hearing that warning I may have since the commercials are so compelling! Anyway, if you are going to try this product perhaps ask your dermatologist first to see what the risk factors are if you are trying to have kids anytime soon!
Nov 19, 2007 @ 03:19 pm


That's scary stuff. I went through 2 courses of accutane in my early 20's and have been hesitant to talk to my dermatologist about my acne because I am afraid he'll try to put me on it again. The whole acne meds causing birth defects scares the crap out of me...especially since I am not that far off of starting a family of my own.
Nov 19, 2007 @ 03:21 pm

birth defects

I'm all done having kids (although you never know, we haven't made any permanent moves to prevent it), but this warning should be taken seriously even if pregnancy is not a concern. I guess the active ingredient is an artificial androgen, and anyone should avoid such things unless absolutely necessary.

My background is in environmental health (i.e. how the environment and pollution/chemicals/etc. affect human health), and we learned a lot about many different chemicals whose damaging effects are not realized until years, even decades later.

Thanks for the warning, MizzRobin! I will definitely not be trying Proactiv now. A few pimples are easily covered up and it's not worth the risk to my health IMO. This actually really annoys me, because their ads really are compelling and no warning (although I must admit, I've never watched the whole infomercial) is offered re side effects. Particularly since you buy it w/o a prescription? Grr. That kind of thing really gets to me.

Consider also that pregnancy issues would not be the only problem you could have. If it is a hormone mimic, you could be looking at a variety of health issues affecting your endocrine and reproductive systems, just to name two.
Nov 19, 2007 @ 05:26 pm

yikes is right ..

I'll keep my pimples for the sake of my future childrens' health, thanks.
Nov 19, 2007 @ 05:30 pm
Ali de Bold

!!! side effects

Wow I had no idea about that. I have considered proactiv because I too have been suffering adult acne - esp in the chin area. But after reading this, forget it. That is shocking that something you put on your face could affect your unborn children. Brutal. Thanks for the warning!
Nov 19, 2007 @ 07:22 pm
Feisty Redhead


I've never used proactive either, but have always been so curious about it and lately had really been giving some thought to trying it. I won't be going near it now though - better to have less than perfect skin and remain in good health in my opinion! Thanks for the warning!
Nov 20, 2007 @ 12:36 pm

I wouldn't have known

Wow...thanks for posting this! Not that I was interested in trying Proactiv but it's good to know that it can have such severe side effects!!
Nov 20, 2007 @ 01:24 pm

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