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I've had a problem with Rosacea for yeeeeeears. For the most part, I've been dealing with it as best as I know how. I have seen my family doc and the dermatologist and I have been using Metrogel for a while now. It does what it's supposed to do for the most part but I still get "red flashes" and they always happen at the most inconvenient times (like when my boss comes up to me to ask a question ... FLARE ... ugh!)

I've never been one to wear make up ... mainly because of the fact that I've always just assumed EVERYTHING would make the rosacea worse. Recently I've been playing with different eye shadows and mascaras and I started thinking about the possibility of trying out foundation. I mean ... don't I deserve to go a day without hearing "ooooh you just turned 8 shades of red"

In comes the frustration...

I've been online for literally weeks now trying to see which foundation might be appropriate, which one would be good for sensitive skin, which one might cover up the red without looking like it's caked on (that's one of my biggest fears ... I don't want it to LOOK like I'm wearing foundation) and so on an so forth ... 

I have also been to the local pharmacy/drug store but it seems like they were trained to point at ONE foundation and ONE foundation only without being able to tell me WHY this one is better than other ones (not to mention that the one they always show me costs 40.00CDN and then on top of that they want me to spend another 40.00 for a powder to set the foundation... if I HAVE to pay that much then so be it ... but at least tell me WHY I'm paying so much).

So why am I here? Well I'm asking for help, suggestions ... aaaaaaaaanything really!

Do any of you have rosacea? Know people who have it? What do you/they use? What have you tried? What are you thinking of trying? etc etc 

And please don't feel like you need to limit yourself to the subject of foundation. If there are creams you've tried ... by all means please add info on those as well. Seriously ... anything will help.

Thanks in advance for any responces.

Mar 13, 2010 @ 10:17 pm

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my rosacea routine..

i've had rosacea for a while now and it's not too bad but it's still there. at one point it was really bad and going to the derm and using the creams that she prescribed made it way worse. I have finally found what works for me through trial and error. I have had a significant improvement and I did it all on my own lol and Im not even a doctor. There are many things I have done. I have changed my diet, Protein is your friend and the rosacea killer! Lots of nuts like cashews are my fav and I eat chicken all the time, if you're a vegetarian then there are still many options for you. Try to cut out the sugar and carbs as much as you can I have over time been able to almost cut it out completely. olive oil is a gift from god :) it works wonders! I put it on everything salads, i cook with it, in my smoothies any where I can fit it in I do. Dark greens go along perfectly with your protein. Do not get discouraged because it takes a while a few months for your body to start using your new diet to help heal your skin. its def not an overnight thing. Tons of water! as much as your body can handle. Fish oil i take everyday and if you're a vegetarian then flaxseed oil is great also.
thats the internal part now the external. I like you have sensitive skin. my problem is that my skin is sensitive but I still need to exfoliate like anyone else to remove the dead skin. I also have acne prone skin so i have to be careful what i use or ill break out. Alpha hydroxy sloughs off the dead skin so you dont have to scrub your face, but it takes some getting use to and it turns your face a little red for a few hours but it does go away because the acid is pretty strong. I would start by using it at night after you cleanse so that if your skin does turn a little red by morning time when you wash it off your skin will be fine. To be honest i dont use this lotion during the day if ill be out because its a little greasy so i only put it on at night and during the day if ill just be at home and not going out. I use neutrogena healthy skin with alpha hydroxy. Now I have two products that i use to cleanse, there is a method to my madness so pay close attention. I use neutrogena redness soothing acne wash but i only wash my face with it when im removing the makeup from my skin. when i dont have any makeup on my face and especially in the morning i use oil of olay total effects cream cleanser plus blemish control. its a cream cleanser so it soothes my skin and none of these products dry my skin out which i love! Before i put on any makeup i moisturize with oil of olay active hydrating moisturizer for sensitve skin. I let it set and then im ready for my makeup. I like you hate looking like i have any makeup on, so all i use on my skin is two products. instead of a foundation i use a concealer. Physicians formula physicians strength concealer. It says conceal on the tube. I start lightly and build my coverage. instead of blending try lightly patting it on with your fingertips it works better and my face doesnt turn red from blending. be careful this concealer is pretty damn good and if you over do it you will look like you have makeup on but if you get it just right your skin looks so good. after im done with the concealer i let it set for a sec then i use a bronzer. I lightly buff it onto my cheeks and over my forehead and chin it gives you a suttle glow. I use covergirl tru blend bronzer. and thats it! I have had so many compliments on how good my skin looks and how they cant believe im actually wearing makeup. I really hope this works because i know what you're going through. goodluck!
Mar 15, 2010 @ 03:08 pm

Rosacea Tips

My mom and I both have rosacea (hers is more developed though) and here are the things that have been recommended for us.

Diet is definitely one of the most important factors in dealing with rosacea. The previous comment basically summed it up, but there are also foods you should avoid like hot peppers and wine which can make flare ups worsen.

As for applying products to your face, make sure they are all non-comedogenic and water based. This means that they will not clog pores and let your skin breath. Also look for calming lotions and cleansers for intolerant skin such as with companies like Avene or Laroche Posay. They can be pricey, but they do work. If you do use an exfollient, make sure it is not harsh on your skin. Avoid exfollients that have crushed nut seeds as they can cause abrasions to your already sensitive skin. Stick with gentle beads or sugar based products. I make my own using olive oil, honey and sugar and it works wonders.

As for foundation, I have been using the brand Cover Fx which is made specifically for people with rosacea and other skin problems (i.e., eczema, psoriasis, etc...). It costs about $40 at Shoppers Drug Mart, but it's worth every penny. Foundation is one beauty product you should invest in as it is the base to create the perfect canvas on your face. This foundation is non-comedogenic and water based and it also has spf, which is also another key to protecting your sensitive skin and preventing rosacea flare ups. Make sure to always apply your sunscreen!

The Cover Fx foundation is lightweight and it doesn't make you look like you're wearing foundation, but it covers up the red instantly. You don't need to apply a lot lot of it to get the coverage you need. Another trick for covering up redness is to apply a green tinted concealer which will eliminate the red, then follow with a beige concealer on top of it and dust it with translucent powder to help set it for the day.

Hope this helps!
Mar 21, 2010 @ 04:20 pm

clean and clear

my two teens battle Rosacea . We tried and fell in love with MORNING BURST CLEAN AND CLEAR.. It has been taking away the redness for awhile now. They use it every morning.
Apr 09, 2010 @ 12:37 pm


I was diagnosed with this in my mid-40's and unfortunately, with this problem comes expensive solutions. I use Cliniderm to cleanse my face 2x daily. I use special moisturizers specifically made to deal with roseacea. I don't use liquid foundation. I find mineral powder works wonders. I have no issues wearing mascara. I use the Metro cream when the weather turns cold and dry. At the drugstore I talk specifically to either the pharmacist or to a cosmetologist who are both trained to handle the symptoms. Good products to use are Avene - I use the gentle scrub twice a week, I use a mask once a week.
It does take money to take care of this issue. You simply cannot cheap out on products otherwise you make the symptoms worse.
Apr 11, 2010 @ 06:20 pm


I have mild rosacea and I am very picky about products that I use on my face. I actually use my own products everyday. Sometimes I use others, just to switch it up or try them out. I have sample sizes available for sale too, if you want to try them. My facial care products (toner & cleanser) are both organic. I also have a face cream that is natural. My shop is also vegan friendly.
Aug 16, 2010 @ 03:01 am


Diet definitely is a big part like raimonda mentioned.My problem is I LOVE spicy food so much and that is a big trigger for rocacea.My dermatoligist said to also stay out of the sun!Use a really strong spf like 30 spf if you do go out in the sun and avoid those trigger foods like spicy(so sad),coffee,chocolate,alcohol etc there is a huge list of no-nos.Taking vitamins are great.My dermatologist had me on pills and a cream that was so expensive and had cortisone in it so I stopped that! I try get all skin products that are for sensitive skin and dermatologist tested.There are also laser treatment but thats quite extreme.I understand its really embarrassing and also can be painful.I always try stay on a natural route for my Rosacea.These are great to try below.My absolute favorite is Sea Buckthorn Oil look for cleansers with that in it.Good Luck and also try drink lots of water and eating leafy greens.
  • Aloe
  • Burdock

  • Chamomile

  • Betaine hydrochoride

  • Red clover

  • Rose hips

  • Selenium

  • B vitamins

  • Zinc
Aug 16, 2010 @ 04:25 pm

Mary Kay products now "officially" announced beneficial for roseacea

All Mary Kay skin care and foundation is now proven beneficial for skin with roseacea. (the study & testing was just finished this year released in July 2010 apparently). The only MK product that you couldn't use is the Microdermabrasion Set.

So this is new information and is probably not widely known but I've been able to successfully use their skin care and foundation on client with no ill affects at all. (and some of my client with roseacea have been using MK skin care for over a year now).

I figured I should pass this on!

Give it a try. It's 100% returnable if it doesn't work for some reason. Their foundations are truly the best I've ever ever used. I use the liquid but the mineral powder ones are great too.
Oct 01, 2010 @ 06:58 pm

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