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Self Tanner Recommendations


Hello Ladies!

I'm looking to get a tan but avoid the harmful effects of the sun. I haven't had much experience with self-tanners and the few times I have used them haven't gone well (streaking, orange hue, uneven colour). I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations. I'd like something for face and body, unfortunately I have sensitive skin and would like to avoid breakouts. Any input/suggestions/tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a bunch :)
Jun 19, 2015 @ 01:28 am

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I know a couple of good ones that I've tried and liked! These all range in prices too.

First is the Jergens one as I find it appears the most natural, but it is more of a gradual tan so you'll see results after a week I would say. It's at a good price point too, but the smell is meh...
Next, the Clarins Instant Gel is reallllyyyy good for the face. It's not meant for your face but I use it there! It's an instant tan and I think it looks super natural on face & neck. I think it's about $40, and the smell is nice.
And then there's the oh-so-talked about St. Tropez which I actually thought wouldn't be good, but it actually works really well! I have pretty pale skin and it doesn't streak on my body, and it doesn't have that foul tanning smell either. But price point wise, it's definitely the most expensive.

Hope that helps!
Jun 19, 2015 @ 08:25 am


Thanks so much for the advice! I looked up St Tropez and noticed that they're on The Shopping Channel next Friday. Maybe it will be on sale or there will be a free gift with purchase, The Shopping Channel is great for that!
In the meantime I'll check out the Jergens gradual tanner and wait to see what kind of deals TSC has. Who knows, maybe I'll be happy enough with my results from Jergens.

Thanks again, I really appreciate the help. Have a great weekend :)
Jun 20, 2015 @ 08:49 am

self tan

Hi SnowWhite, I received a bottle of St Tropez in my Allure box this month. It works great and doesn't leave that stinky smell on you. A tip from me, before I self tan, I rub a little lotion on my ankle bones, knees, elbows, toes, fingers, and at my hairline on my face. This helps the tanner from streaking and looking weird. Also, I've tried TanTowels. They are a small wipe like towel that you just wipe across your body. They are sold by HSN and they make them for the face or the body. They are great and you don't have to worry about orange hands. They come in a box and usually I only use 1 for my entire body. You can apply more for a deeper tan. I also have sensitive skin and neither one of these products have broke me out. Good luck and have a great tan, Ginger.
Jun 20, 2015 @ 11:14 am


I been hearing a lot about St Tropez i would be interested in trying them as well.
Jun 21, 2015 @ 05:10 pm


The best i've ever tried is Tanceuticals. I am already dark but it gave me an amazing bronzey glow. It smells like coconuts which is so much better than that gross self tanner smell. The tan lasted me for me over 7 days. It is a bit pricey, but it is high quality.
Jul 02, 2015 @ 02:49 pm
Sandra Ribeiro

Self Tanners

I going to try St. Tropez. Heard great things about this brand
Jul 03, 2015 @ 12:22 pm

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